Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Monday, October 23, 2006

Is The Gambler a Cheater?

On a day when we found out that perhaps the best linebacker in football (Shawne Merriman) has been taking steroids, we also had the misfortune in waking up to the possibility that Detroit's Game 2 World Series victory may have been tarnished as well. For those of you seeing this for the first time, it is being reported that Tigers starting pitcher Kenny Rogers was caught with some sort of brown substance on the palm of his pitching hand during the first inning of last night's game. Was it dirt? Was it chaw spit? Was it pine tar? Was it shit? Who knows? All we do know for sure is that in a sporting world filled with controversy and perpetual steroid talk, this is icing on the cake.

As a die-hard sports fan, when allegations start to fly before all the facts are compiled, I always try my best to give an athlete the benefit of the doubt. For instance, as some writers practically painted us a picture of Terrell Owens tying a noose in his basement, I remained calm, cool, and collected until all parties involved were heard. Turns out, T.O. didn't attempt suicide but rather his publicist was feeding him pills so that she could get in his pants, call rape, then take her millions and run. See, no conclusion jumping here, no sir. But back to today's uproar…rather than give my honest opinion of what exactly Rogers' intent (if any) might have been, I'll wait until later today when I hear "It turns OUT, that last night in DEE-TROIT, Rogers was not in fact a CHEAT-ER, but merely a victim of faulty TOI-LET PAP-ER…In DEE-TROIT, Jeremy SCHAPP, EEE-s-p-n." Until then, I'll just let you wonder if it's a coincidence that 41 year-old starting pitcher can go 23 innings of Playoff baseball without giving up an earned run…

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pujols NL MVP?

Anyone happen to catch Joe Buck’s comment in the aftermath of Albert Pujols’ 2-run homer in the 3rd inning of last night’s World Series Opener?

“The Tigers pitch to the MVP and he makes Detroit pay.”

Interesting, huh? I know, I know. Buck has made numerous references to Pujols being the reigning MVP, but I can’t recall once this whole postseason (and I’ve watched just about every single game) when he hasn’t attached the requisite “reigning” to precede MVP. Hmm. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but I think Buck slipped up. I can tell you this much; Joe Buck knows who won the National League MVP Award. I guarantee it. The vote for the prestigious award took place right after the regular season and it’s not uncommon at all for the impending result to leak out. Heck, look at what went on this past spring with the NBA awards. Every single trophy was “reported” by a local media source before the honor was officially announced. In some cases, like with Steve Nash winning his second consecutive MVP award, the news broke more than 2 weeks before the actual announcement.

Another nugget of information to consider—Joe Buck is the Cardinals play-by-play announcer. The chances that the news would break to him, before almost any other media member (either local or national), is an almost certainty. Whether you like him or not, the guy’s got clout. And especially in a season in which there’s a lot of suspense as to who won the award (in both leagues for that matter, although I think Jeter won by a landslide in the AL), it’s highly probable that some league source, some power-hungry, gossip-loving executive spilled the beans to Buck because he wanted to further his relationship with the most powerful media member covering the MLB (apologies to Peter Gammons).

I’m telling you…Buck goofed up. Pujols won MVP. And I’m not too thrilled about it (Ryan Howard deserved it, but that’s a whole separate column). Of course, I’m being entirely presumptuous and if Howard does indeed win the award, then let’s just pretend I didn’t write this.