Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday's NBA Picks

November 19, 2004

Before we get to our picks, I would just like to bring up an interesting comment Matt (our rival picks expert) made last night concerning the Knicks-Rockets game. As you know, I selected the Knicks to cover 6.5 and originally had the game as my lock before cowardly taking it down. Matt disagreed with my choice and wrote: "Anthony, you still have time to change your mind before you watch your undefeated record clank against the backboard like a Jamal Crawford brick." Hmmm, you must have meant a Crawford swish, like the game-winning three he hit. Enough said. Here are our picks... (Editor's Note: Anthony obviously didn't see Crawford's game-winning "swish"--he actually banked it off the backboard a la Marbury vs. the Spurs in the 2003 playoffs)

Home Team in Caps

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night:(1-1-1), Week:(15-8-1), Year:(32-32-2), Locks:(2-0)

  • Seattle (-1) over TORONTO
  • BOSTON (+5.5) over San Antonio
  • Utah (+4.5) over MIAMI
  • DETROIT (-5) over Indiana
  • DALLAS (-9.5) over New York
  • Chicago (+9) over DENVER
  • PHOENIX (-8) over Lakers
  • PORTLAND (-4) over Milwaukee--LOCK OF THE NIGHT
  • Memphis (+6) over SACRAMENTO

Paul's Picks

Last Night:(0-2-1), Week:(11-12-1), Year:(37-32-2), Locks:(2-0)

  • Seattle (-1) over TORONTO
  • San Antonio (-5.5) over BOSTON--LOCK OF THE NIGHT
  • Utah (+4.5) over MIAMI
  • Indiana (+5) over DETROIT
  • New York (+9.5) over DALLAS
  • DENVER (-9) over Chicago
  • PHOENIX (-8) over Lakers
  • PORTLAND (-4) over Milwaukee
  • SACRAMENTO (-6) over Memphis


At 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

SlackJawed Gawker again. Anthony, as the editor pointed out, you obviously didn't stay up for the end of the game to see the Rockets choke last night, but I was wondering if you had any special insight into why the Rockets are struggling this year, and whether you think the team will continue to struggle. Last night they looked like a far, far cry from a playoff team, especially considering their division and conference.

My picks: Seattle, San Antonio, Utah, Detroit, Denver, Phoenix, Milwaukee, and Sacramento. I think I'll go with New YOrk this time, as well. I think New York is a better team when they play uptempo -- that style definitely suits MArbury and Crawford well. Hopefully for the Knicks' sake they'll figure something out tonight. As bad as they seem, they have more talent by far than anyone else in the division. They just need to figure out how to use it.

The Hat has Toronto, Boston, Utah, Indiana, Dallas, Chicago, Lakers, Milwaukee, and Memphis.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I didn't hear Crawford call "Bank". Did you??


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