Saturday, November 20, 2004

Saturday's NBA Picks

November 20, 2004

Home Team in Caps

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (4-5), Week: (19-13-1), Year: (36-37-2), Locks: (3-0)
  • Houston (+2) over CLIPPERS
  • ATLANTA (+7) over Utah
  • CLEVELAND (-12) over Charlotte
  • Washington (-2) over NEW JERSEY--LOCK OF THE NIGHT
  • Minnesota (-8.5) over NEW ORLEANS
  • Memphis (-3) over GOLDEN STATE

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (7-2), Week: (18-14-1), Year: (44-34-2), Locks: (3-0)

  • CLIPPERS (-2) over Houston
  • ATLANTA (+7) over Utah
  • CLEVELAND (+12) over Charlotte
  • NEW JERSEY (+2) over Washington
  • Minnesota (-8.5) over NEW ORLEANS
  • Memphis (-3) over GOLDEN STATE--LOCK OF THE NIGHT


At 5:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Slack Jawed is taking all of the road teams today.

By the way, you've gotta be joking that Tinsley is going to get or deserves to get any kind of suspension. At most a fine, assuming he failed to put the dustpan back in the janitor's closet when he was done. Out of curiosity, how many games did Artest miss after the TV throwing incident?

I would hand them out like this:
Ben Wallace: 2 games, or whatever Kenyon MArtin usually gets when he pulls a stunt like that

Ron Artest: 15 games. Solely for going into the stands and whacking Jared from Subway's head into the seat. Did you see that little punk, by the way? He thought he was all big, drunk as he was, and acting all "manly" taunting Artest until he realized that Artest was gonna call his bluff. I think Artest should be punished. 15 games, like I said. But frankly, I'm downright elated that a player finally went after one of those rich asshole fans who go to the games for no other reason than to mercilessly harp on opposing teams' players. There's not a doubt in my mind that those fans (just like the dickwipes in Oakland) PURPOSELY bought tickets for those specific seats so they could be able to harass opposing players all game long. Those "fans" ruin the game for the real fans through their immature, violent, cruel behavior far more than Ron Artest or Steven Jackson and their ilk ever have or ever will. Those "fans" are the real danger to taking your kids to the game, NOT the players, and hopefully those "fans" will be a whole lot less likely to act out from now on. Ron Artest may be crazy, stupid, and a self-centered prick, but as far as I'm concerned he's Jesus, dying on the cross so that other NBA players and real fans everywhere won't have to.

The guy who came onto the floor to pick a fight got what he had coming; Artest reasonably could be viewed as acting in self-defense and so he should get NO penalty for planting the "fan" with a right hook.

Steven Jackson, on the other hand, was NEVER provoked. Not once. The fact that he got so ridiculously angered and violent says a lot about his personality and lack of emotional intelligence. His bloodlust and the fact that he came into the stands to fight rather than to redress a grievance or to help a teammate out of trouble should get him 15 games.

Jermaine O'Neal probably thought that the dude he punched was the one who went after Artest. Yeah, yeah, all white boys look alike. Whatever. The fact remains that the dude he punched was on his knees and posed NO threat to Jermaine, despite the fact that he was on the floor. His was an entirely different situation than the one confronting Artest seconds earlier. Inexcusable. 10-12 games for O'Neal.

Artest is a loose cannon, but he was provoked. Twice. By circumstances so ridiculously unusual and affronting that it's almost (although not entirely) unfair to punish him severely. Artest had reason to flip out. He didn't control himself like he should, but he had reason to flip out. The same can NOT be said for Wallace, O'Neal, or Jackson. I'd rather see them get more time than what I recommended than see Artest get more time.


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