Monday, December 06, 2004

Monday's NBA Picks

December 6, 2004

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Anthony's Picks

Last Night:(1-1), Last Week:(28-19-2), Year:(103-85-6), Locks:(11-4)

  • ATLANTA [7-6] +6 over Philly [5-5-1] (W)
  • Toronto [10-5-1] +1.5 over NEW JERSEY[7-5] (L)
  • San Antonio [7-6-1] -13 over CHICAGO [2-10] (W)
  • Detroit [7-6] +4 over DALLAS [8-5-1]--LOCK (W)
  • Orlando [9-2] +3 over DENVER [7-5] (L)
  • Miami [9-3-1] -3 over UTAH [7-7] (W)
  • Boston [4-9] -2 over GOLDEN STATE [8-4-1] (L)
  • Charlotte [5-7] +12 over CLIPPERS [8-6] (W)

Thanks Boston. Up 18 after one, 8 at the half and lose by 14!!! Is that possible? After holding the Kings to 18 in the first quarter, they allowed them a whopping 101 over the final 36 minutes. Unbelievable. Yet here I am staying with my Celts since they have played rather well on the road of late. Plus Golden State stinks. I'm calling a setup game tonight in Jersey. Everyone will be anxious to throw money down on the Nets with the return of Jason Kidd to go along with a rather small line at 1.5. I'm riding the Pistons as my lock tonight. They are back on track and will prove it tonight in Dallas. Good luck

Paul's Picks

Last Night:(2-0), Last Week:(29-18-2), Year: (110-81-7), Locks:(13-2-1)

  • ATLANTA [7-6] +6 over Philly [9-2-1] (W)
  • NEW JERSEY [8-4] -1.5 over Toronto [10-5-1] (W)
  • San Antonio [7-6-1] -13 over CHICAGO [5-7] (W)
  • Detroit [9-4] +4 over DALLAS [10-4-1] (W)
  • DENVER [8-5] -3 over Orlando [11-1] (W)
  • UTAH [7-7] +3 over Miami [10-3-1] (L)
  • Boston [6-7] -2 over GOLDEN STATE [7-5-1] (L)
  • CLIPPERS [7-7] -12 over Charlotte [7-4-1] (L)

I'm late with my picks today so just a few brief words. Boston, I love you--how do you get blown out and give up 119 points when you're up 36-18 after the 1st? I can't believe they're favored tonight, a little fishy maybe, but I'm still going to take 'em--Golden State hasn't beaten a relativey decent team all season. I really don't like tonight's lines at all, nothing is even remotely tempting me to consider it as a lock. Best of luck


At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys did great last night! Keep up the good work!

At 4:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent fellas. Keep knockin' 'em down.


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