Thursday, December 30, 2004

Random Thoughts

By Anthony Peretore

  • Did you ever notice that Lenny Wilkens and Billy Crystal have the same voice?

  • Why does Chauncey Billups have his own commercial?

  • Why is the floor trying to eat him?

  • And what's funnier, all that, or the fact that he flips the ball to Sebastian Telfair in the end? And is that Gilbert Arenas sitting next to him? Can anyone besides like 7 people on earth name all three of those guys? Is Adidas crazy?

  • Why is Dwayne Wade sponsered by Converse? He's a top 10 player in the league right now. He can't do any better? And what about Chris Webber with Dada? These guys wonder why they get injured.

  • Is anyone else with Tim Duncan on their fantasy team as pissed as I am? For three straight games he hasn't broken 20 points, got just 29 minutes in their win over Phoenix, and is only averaging 2.6 APG. Okay, if the team is that good fine, sometimes he shouldn't be out there for more than 29 minutes. But if the team is THAT good, shouldn't he be getting more assists?

  • If you don't hate Steve Kerr as a writer, hopefully I can persuade you. Here's an exchange between Paul and I:

  • Me: I hate Steve Kerr, he's a terrible writer and knows nothing about the NBA.

  • Paul: I like him

  • Me: Why?

  • Paul: Uhhhhhhh.....

  • Exactly. The guy stinks. Don't believe me, every week he does a "High Five, Low Five" article ranking his best and worst five teams in the NBA. Here's a sample: "27. Charlotte Bobcats (7-17) – Emeka Okafor has been a real force inside for the Bobcats, who are very competitive." So competetive that he has them ranked as the fourth worst team in the league. I'm so sick of ex-NBA players getting sports jobs when more-than-capable guys like me are still available.

  • All of this crap about LeBron James turning 20 is really getting on my nerves. Where was the media when Kevin Willis turned 63?

  • Honestly, wouldn't it be cooler if two guys like Paul and I were NBA announcers? Listening to Doug Collins and Kevin Harlan is more appealing than two funny guys ripping on guys like Jared Reiner and asking out loud why Ira Newble looks so much like Ice-T? NBA TV should consider this, especially for those crap games ESPN airs every now and then.

  • The only reason I'm posting this is because I'm going into a three-day party-a-thon, Happy New Year! (The only phrase a guy is allowed to use an exclamation point after)


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