Thursday, December 02, 2004

Thursday's NBA Picks

November 2, 2004

Anthony's Pick's

Last Night:(5-6), Week:(11-12), Year:(86-77-4), Locks:(9-4)

I vow to break this mini-slump starting tonight...
  • Houston [7-3-1] +7 over DALLAS [7-5] (push)
  • Cleveland [5-7] +5 over DENVER [5-5] (W)

Paul's Picks

Last Night:(6-5), Week:(13-10), Year:(94-73-5), Locks:(11-2)

Boy, Utah really screwed me last night. Shouldn't there be compensation for taking a team into OT that's supposed to beat you by at least 7?! I'm not a huge fan of either of tonight's games. I think Van Gundy will keep things close even at AA Arena, but regardless, Dallas could win by 7. I'm not sure Melo should be playing tonight, he might be pushing himself due to the magnitude of the game. I know LeBron has had his woes on the road, but he's also shined in the spotlight and will devour a gimpy Anthony.

  • Houston [5-5-1] +7 over DALLAS [10-3] (push)
  • Cleveland [5-7] +5 over DENVER [6-5] (W)


At 5:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gawker's picks:
If Kenyon Martin is playing, then I'll take Denver. Cleveland is tired after chasing Phoenix up and down the court last night, and the differential between LeBron's home and road stats is only rivaled by the same stat for Earl Boykins. And he's not the only one. Denver is one of the best home teams in the league.

I suppose I like Houston to play better than usual and to keep it close tonight against Dallas.

At 12:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good call on both games guys keep it up also some fyi i caught wind of you guys on the nba page at someone had some good things to say about you 2 so i checked it out and i feel the same i really like how you post the records and the point spread the way you do if you could post by 3pm est that could only help all of the little cappers with night jobs


At 6:02 PM, Blogger Nat said...

Great call on last nights picks... i eneded up going with cavs for the win straight up and got locked in for the rockets at +7.5 so i got lucky and rather than a push i got the win


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