Friday, January 07, 2005

Friday's NBA Picks

January 7, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (0-1), Week: (2-3), Year: (16-12)

  • BOSTON even over Detroit
  • NEW JERSEY -7 over Golden State
  • MINNESOTA -9 over Philadelphia
  • PORTLAND +7 over Miami
Does everyone know what tonight is? It's backwards night at The NBA Source. There are count 'em, 5 fishy lines tonight, and I'm gonna pick the majority of them:

1) Bobcats @ Magic--won't touch it, but the line should not be over 10 points. Charlotte is solid and the Magic lost 4 in a row before beating Seattle the other night. The obvious choice would be to take the points, but I'd just stay away.

2) Celts in a pick 'em with Detroit? The Pistons just spanked the C's last Sunday, so why would anything change tonight? That's where Vegas tries to get you, but they're not fooling me. Celts, winners of their last 2 overall and 5 at home, in a squeaker 105-102.

3) The Nets -7 over any team is a joke, especially after getting pounded Ron Jeremy style by the lowly Bucks the other night. That's way too much against this Warriors team (won 4 of last 5), especially with JRich scheduled to return. There is absolutely no reason not to take the points in this game, so, just don't do it.

4) Philly-Minny? Minny absolutely sucks lately, losing 4 in a row, and their latest by 18 to an expansion team??? Also, Philly has been very solid of late, winning 3 of 5 on the road and losing by no more than 6 in those two contests. So they're the dog by 9 tonight? Hmm. Take the T'Wolves.

5) Finally, Heat-Blazers at only 7??? Heat have won 14 of 15, Portland's won 14 games all year. Miles may be out, Ratliff is definately out, leaving the Blazers tremendously short-handed in dealing with Shaq. Heat win by 5 or 6, Portland covers.

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (0-1), Week: (5-6), Year: (14-14-1)

  • Detroit [17-10] EVEN over BOSTON [9-16-1]
  • Golden State [10-15-2] +7 over NEW JERSEY [12-12]
  • MINNESOTA [10-15] -9 over Philadelphia [18-8-1]--**Iverson out**
  • New Orleans [11-12-1] +11.5 over MEMPHIS [12-17]
  • CHICAGO [12-14] -4.5 over Utah [15-14]
  • LAKERS [7-12-2] -3.5 over Houston [10-14-2]--LOCK

Two things Ant didn't mention about those "fishy" lines--JRich is almost certainly out, which makes that line seem a lot more accurate, and that AI is doubtful, which causes that line to seem right. I'm not playing mind games with the linesmakers like Anthony, but I can see where he's coming from. Still, I like Detroit to bounce back on the road after an embarassing loss at home last night. Detroit has won 6 of 7 away from the Palace and the Celtics are winless against the best defensive teams in the league. Golden State gets Pietrus back tonight, which believe it or not, will have a huge impact for the Warriors as they have a much better chance on defense with him guarding either Carter or Jefferson. Plus Jerz hasn't won by 7 since the very beginning of December, and as always, when in doubt go with the West. I stand by my belief that New Orleans is a better team than their record shows--a much better team. I said before to give them a couple games with the solid lineup they got going and they'll start to be more competitive--it starts tonight and I encourage you to jump on them right away. Chicago seems like a safe bet over Utah--a satisfactory line with two teams heading in completely opposite directions. I say take the hot team, take the home team. The Lakers still can't beat a halfway decent team on the road (the Kings were an exception), but they can beat anyone at home. And the Rockets aren't a very good team so I think the Lakers should cover this line with ease, hench I'm giving it the lock (which yes, has proven to be pure shit lately so do with it as you please).


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