Friday, January 14, 2005

Friday's NBA Picks

January 14, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Record With Individual Team in []'s

Anthony's Picks: (5-6 for the week)

  • NEW ORLEANS +1 over Portland
  • MILWAUKEE +1 over Washington
  • CLIPPERS +4.5 over Miami

Sorry I was so late tonight, I had prior engagements, uh yeah, that sounds right

Paul's Picks: (5-6 for the week)

  • PHILADELPHIA -5 over Toronto
  • DETROIT -7 over Orlando
  • NEW ORLEANS +1.5 over Portland--LOCK
  • MILWAUKEE +1 over Washington
  • SEATTLE -13 over Golden State

Riding the home teams tonight, which I don't feel bad about considering this is the time of year when some teams begin to get tired and wear down--just look at all of the injuries happening recently. Philly has been awful the last two games and I'm thinking A.I. is going into tonight's game knowing they need the win and Toronto does not have 'The Answer" (not to mention a 2-17 road record). I'm finally beginning to think Detroit is in gear after that humiliating beating they took at home to the Grizz a week ago--I'm going to ride them for a bit and continue to pick against Orlando on the road. Once again, New Orleans is not that bad, and Portland is pretty terrible--I'm locking this one. I'm sure a lot of people are going to take Washington tonight, but you wait and see...this is the second time this season they put together a nice streak, but people forget to mention that all the wins are at home. Last time they got hammered once they left D.C., I think they're going down tonight as well. That Seattle line is somewhat of a gift right now--I'm making my picks at 3:00 today because I have no other choice, but last I heard is Richardson (that motherf*cker) is out again tonight and Rash is in. With that in mind, you have to like Seattle to stampede over GS, especially with Fortson publicly vowing retribution (actually, does that even mean anything?). Good luck everyone--tonight's judgment night for this competition--at least for me it is. (I'm getting like my brother)


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