Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday's NBA Picks

January 28, 2005

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Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (1-1), Week: (7-3-2)

  • Phoenix -5.5 over BOSTON
  • Utah +7 over MINNESOTA
  • MILWAUKEE -3.5 over Denver
  • Clippers +3 over PORTLAND

Sorry C's, I love you but you can't run with Phoenix. Suns 119, Celts 109. I'm definately not sold on the T'Wolves yet. The other night they were actually trailing the Hawks in the third at one point. I think Utah is going to get a lot better very quickly and I'm going to ride them a lot in the coming week. AK-47 changes games. Utah 99, Minny 95. I'm taking Milwaukee just because people will be anxious to take the Nugs with Karl behind the bench. Not me. Nuggets stink. Plus, the Bucks have been playing really well lately especially staying close with the Suns for4 quarters the other night. Bucks 98, Nuggets 91. Miles is suspended for an argument with Cheeks. Not good for this team. Clips win 94-89. GLTA

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (0-2), Week: (6-3-1)
  • Miami [15-13-2] -9.5 over ATLANTA [17-12]
  • MILWAUKEE [20-8-1] -2 over Denver [16-15]
  • HOUSTON [12-17-3] -4 over Sacramento [12-13-2]
  • Seattle [17-12] -6 over GOLDEN STATE [13-16-2]


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