Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

January 3, 2005

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Anthony's Picks

Year: (162-164-11), Locks: (14-9)

  • Detroit -4 over CHICAGO--Take it to the bank

I'm back after a week-long hiatus. Gambling is fun to a point, but sometimes it gets me so frustrated that I'm not even enjoying the game of basketball anymore--thus my little vacation, but now that the New Year is upon us and people are talking smack, I'm back to avenge my slump. With my Giants beginning 2005 on the right foot, I'm going to attempt to do the same. Good luck to all and I hope your New Years was half as dope as mine suckers.

PS-Hats off to Paul for sticking with his picks despite recent struggles. He's a warrior, a soldier, and none of these all at the same time.

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (3-5), Last Week: (18-28-1), Year: (196-179-13), Locks: (14-12-1)
  • TORONTO [13-13-1] -1 over Orlando [20-4]
  • Detroit [16-10] -4 over CHICAGO [11-14]
  • DENVER [15-12] -6 over Clippers [10-15]
  • GOLDEN STATE [10-14-2] -1 over Philadelphia [18-6-1]

Frustration has official set in for me and so I'm changing my pick format beginning with tonight. I'm tired of having to make picks in games I know damn well I'm essentially flipping a coin on. So with that, from now on I'm only going to make picks for games I actually feel confident about. Let's see what I can do with a clean slate...


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