Monday, January 24, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

January 24, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (0-2), Last Week: (9-11)

  • Miami -4 over PHILADELPHIA
  • Chicago -3.5 over ATLANTA
  • Detroit +3 over MINNESOTA

Roadies tonight...Sorry about the tail off last week. I was going strong then screwed around on my birthday, making my picks in .7 seconds. I predict a big week for myself. Sorry about not updating the standings recently. I asked Paul to do it since he does very little already and he agreed. As you can see he got right on it. Now you see what a jerk I have to work with. GLTA this week

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (1-1), Last Week: (11-9)

  • CLEVELAND [15-14-1] -6 over Washington [10-16-3]
  • Chicago [16-14] -3.5 over ATLANTA [16-12]

I hope Anthony choked on his birthday cake and the candles lit him on fire. I try to do as much as I can in the time I have--I've finally settled down in my new home and will fully devote myself to this site once again. You have my word. See it's easy for Anthony when his colleagues actually encourage him to keep himself busy by working on our site so he doesnt pick his bellybutton lint all day. I will say this--Ant did ask me to put up the "Picks Standings" and I may or may not have said I'd do it, I can't remember. But at no point did I have any intention of putting the Picks Standings up. Had to clear that up. Anyways, I'll have a 5 on 5 up by tonight, and hopefully my next Draft Look-Back in the next couple days. We are still working on turning this blog into a site as well, it's been a slow process, but if you were to compare it to sex--I'd say we're still in the middle of foreplay--with big plans to ya know, do it up all the way. Anyways--picks for tonight: sticking with my "Home East over Home Road"--Cavs and Wiz fit that theory nicely anyhow. Of course my second game would also go by this, but Atlanta's a train wreck and the Bulls are dope. G'luck


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