Monday, January 10, 2005

Picks Challenge

Due to the numerous requests by readers to challenge Paul and I on our nightly picks, the wish is finally granted. This will be a one week competition with the only rule being you must choose 20 games for the week, no more, no less. Get your spreads off and if you try and skew the line to your advantage we will call you out and your picks will terminated for the week. On wagerline, you can see what the spread was at a particular time, so there is no way to cheat (Matt Benedict). Should be a fun competition. The only "prize" Paul and I can offer is to put up a link to your website along the right side of our site. Plus you can brag that you beat the guys at The NBA Source, which is really a reward in itself. To post your picks, go to the nbasource message board and click on 'Nightly Picks.' You will then see a topic that is titled "Week of Janaury 10-16." Go into there, post your picks with your name/alias and repeat this any night you choose to participate. Remember, you may take nights off, but just make sure you have selected 20 games for the week. Good luck and enjoy the fun.


PS-For those of you who have been kind enough to post comments (even the mean ones that break my heart, thanks Jane--I'd put a smiley face there, but that's just weird and would totally crush any masculinity that I claim to have) can you please use a name/alias everytime you post so we know who we're addressing? If you don't feel comfortable, that's fine, but if we know who are readers are then it can make for a more reader-friendly site. Thanks, Management


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