Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday's NBA Picks

January 18, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Since I'm such a great guy, I'm going to let Paul have the top half tonight.

Paul's Picks

Last Night (1-3), Week: (1-3)

  • Detroit +2.5 over ORLANDO
  • SEATTLE -7.5 over Denver

Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (2-1), Week: (2-1)

  • HOUSTON -4 over Indiana
  • SACRAMENTO -11 over Portland

Only two games for me. I don't like much tonight. Detroit has been rolling and I was tempted to take them, but the Magic are money at home (12-4). Washington isn't at bad as they were yesterday, Arenas 0-12, Jamison 19 minutes. They should cover tonight, but betting on a team that just lost by 28 is not smart. That Seattle-Denver game is gross, I'n not going near that. So, I chose Sactown because they're dope at home and should score 110+ tonight with Mobley getting in a groove. Portland just sucks, evident in their eight point loss to the T'Wolves. With the Houston game, I'm testing a theory about team blowing out (or getting blown out) on national television and how they respond the following game. Cleveland blew out the Knicks last week on ABC and the following night only beat the Bobcats by 2. There have been a few other situations like these that I've noticed recently, so I'm going to stick with this trend until it proves me wrong (probably tonight). GLTA


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