Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Wednesday's NBA Picks

January 12, 2005

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Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (4-1), Week: (4-3)

  • WASHINGTON -7 over Portland
  • Phoenix -8 over UTAH
  • SAN ANTONIO -15.5 over Milwaukee
  • New Orleans +19.5 over DETROIT

Last night went well, I see more of the same tonight. Spurs will beat the Bucks by 20+; they'll be pissed after losing the other night. Bucks stink. Washington is a lock. Good luck to all...Umm, I gotta take New Orleans don't I?

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (1-0), Week: (2-2)

  • WASHINGTON [10-15-3] -7 over Portland [12-15]
  • New Orleans [13-12-1] +19.5 over DETROIT [18-10]--LOCK (Is this line for real?)
  • CHICAGO [14-14] -2 over Philadelphia [18-10-1]
  • DALLAS [16-11-1] -8 over Houston [11-15-2]
  • Phoenix [16-12-2] -8 over UTAH [16-15]
  • SAN ANTONIO [13-15-1] -15.5 over Milwaukee [18-6-1]

I don't know what's up with that New Orleans line--I checked it on other sites and it was at about 10, which sounds right, but people were placing bets on 19.5 at wagerline, so I'm playing it. I know Philly owns Chicago, and I'm sure people are still scratching their heads as to why that line is low--regardless if it is shady or not, I like Chicago to continue to take care of business. Dallas has been dominating lately and comes in with four days rest; I also can't remember the last time Houston strung together back-to-back impressive games. Phoenix is just nasty, and though I'd take Utah to cover tonight against just about any other team on the hells of their inspirational comeback Monday night, it's still the Suns and I'm riding them for awhile. San Antonio is going to blow out Milwaukee--it's that simple.


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