Friday, February 11, 2005

Friday's NBA Picks

February 11, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (1-1), Week: (5-7)

  • Clippers +4 over WASHINGTON
  • Philadelphia pk over TORONTO
  • Golden State +2.5 over NEW ORLEANS
  • SACRAMENTO -3.5 over Dallas

My picks have stunk lately. Oh well. I had an article to put up today and I sent it to my home email and it conveniently never showed up--pretty cool. Anyway, I think everyone will jump on the Wiz tonight and the Clips will be looking to avenge their collapse the other night in Boston. With Maggette back, Clips win 104-101. Toronto is in disarray with this whole Mitchell-Alston saga and Philly has looked better despite Iverson's flu. Philly win 98-92. Golden State is playing much better and will beat with Hornets tonight, despite New Orleans win ovr Portland on Wednesday. GS 103, NO 97. Finally, I'm gonna keep with this Sactown pick because they have to snap out of this funk. No Stack tonight for the Mavs=literally no bench. Kings 104, Mavs 95. GLTA to all, have a great weekend. Peace


Last Night: (1-0), Week: (6-4)

  • BOSTON [15-17-1] -6 over New York [22-12-1]
  • Golden State [13-18-2] +2 over NEW ORLEANS [16-13-1]
  • MEMPHIS [15-20] -6.5 over Portland [16-17]
  • CLEVELAND [15-15-1] -4.5 over Denver [16-18]
  • UTAH [16-20] -2.5 over Minnesota [12-18]

Boston has owned New York recently and I firmly believe the Knicks' last two games were a mirage. I agree with Ant 100% on GS, look for them to pull out a win. Portland has been playing better lately, too bad all the games have been at home--they'll get hammered tonight by the Grizz. Cavs are dominant at home, and couple that with their success on national TV--Cavs win by enough. Minny still stinks, Utah will cover despite their recent troubles.


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