Monday, February 28, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

February 28, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (2-1), Last Week: (11-9), Post All-Star Break: (11-9)
  • New Orleans +14 over DALLAS
  • UTAH -3.5 over Clippers

Hey how bout them Celtics? Yeah yeah, Nash didn't play. Whatever. Still a big win. As for tonight, Dirk's got a tweaked hammy and when he's off, the entire team suffers. Mavs 103, Hornets 95. I really think that Utah is going to start to play better and they will capitalize off yesterday's win in Houston. Plus, I think the Clips are moving drastically in the other direction. Jazz 97, Clippers 89. GLTA


Last Night: (3-2), Last Week: (9-11), Post All-Star Break: (9-11)

  • Lakers [16-15-2] +3 over NEW YORK [23-14-1]
  • UTAH [17-21] -3.5 over Clippers [17-18]

Oh, so now we're conveniently keeping track of "Post All-Star Break" standings because Anthony had a good week. Why don't we post the entire year standings, Anthony? Jerk. I still have no faith in the Knicks even after playing two great games at home and regardless of whether they're facing a struggling Lakers team. I think Kobe will shine in MSG and Odom will be too athletic for the Knicks' plethora of power forwards--hell, Chris Mihm might even have a good game. I like the Lakers in a close one. Utah has had a way of showing signs of life this season and then letting up, but at home against the Clippers, a team that's been miserable on the road all season, I'm going to have the take the Jazz. Best of luck...


At 9:16 AM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Paul, how bout getting off your lazy ass and compiling the year standings and posting them yourself? Did I ask you not to do that? No. So go do it. You won't


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