Saturday, February 05, 2005

Saturday's Picks

February 5, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (1-3), Week: (5-8)

  • Chicago +8 over MIAMI
  • WASHINGTON -5.5 over Milwaukee
  • PORTLAND +1 over Sacramento
  • Orlando +7.5 over CLEVELAND
  • UTAH -12.5 over New Orleans

I feel like the Bulls will play tough tonight. They have Curry and Davis to throw at Shaq. I dunno, Heat 98, Buls 94. It wasn't bad enough that Gilbert Arenas screwed my fantasy team last night after getting ejected, but the Wiz completely fell apart after that. Now I see why Juan Dixon gets very little run. They'll bounce back tonight and dominate the Bucks. Wiz 107, Bucks 91. Read Paul's comments on Port and Sac. Blazers 103, Kings 98. I like the Magic to bounce back tonight as well. They played the Celts tough last night until the final 3-4 minutes. I just don't like the Cavs much either. Cavs 106, Magic 104. And finally, the Jazz have to show up soon and resemble the team we saw in the first few weeks. I see it starting tonight. Jazz 101, Hornets 84. GLTA and Go Giants!

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (3-1), Week: (9-3)

  • Indiana [18-10-2] -3.5 over ATLANTA [18-15]
  • WASHINGTON [11-18-3] -5.5 over Milwaukee [21-9-1]
  • New Orleans [16-12-1] +12.5 over UTAH [16-18]
  • PHOENIX [19-15-2] -15 over New York [22-10-1]
  • Golden State [13-17-2] +12.5 over DENVER [16-17]
  • PORTLAND [15-17] +1 over Sacramento [12-14-2]--LOCK

Lots of picks today because I'm a little behind and there's only 4 games tomorrow. Indiana looked really good last night, even without 3 starters--and I've just lost I think 3 straight Atlanta games in which I've picked them, hence the Pacer pick. Milwaukee is awful on the road and just battled the Clips hard last night. Utah still hasn't looked very sharp and the Hornets have been playing pretty much everyone tough. The Knicks? Who saw that game last night? I walked out the room when they were up like 10 with 3 mins to go and I told myself, there's possibly no way they can lose this game--just no way, not with Cut, Peja, and CWebb out. I get called in 5 mins later--they lost. Luckily it was Tivoed--and wow, just priceless television. You should have seen Penny in the locker room afterwards. It looked as if it had finally occured to him that his career has just gone straight to hell. I've never been a big Penny fan, but I feel for him. Here's a guy who still tries to play like he's the star he once was, but he just doesn't have it anymore--he's not even close. Moving on--Golden State should cover that surprisingly high spread I would hope and Portland will definitely beat Sac Town. I can't believe the Kings are favored with about only 2 starters and 7 players going. Anyone see Van Exel's line from last night? 33 Minutes--0 points, 6 rebounds, 0 assists, 0 steals, 0 blocks. Good stuff--I'm out, good luck and GO EAGLES


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