Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tuesday's NBA Picks

February 1, 2005

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Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (2-2), Week: (2-2)

  • UTAH -11 over Charlotte
  • New York +9.5 over DENVER
  • Chicago +2 over NEW JERSEY

No Emeka Okafor tonight. That's like taking Jenna Jameson out of a porn scene with Ron Jeremy. All that's left is a group of old sweaty ballers. Jazz 102, Team B.E.T 83. I just have a gut feeling about the Knicks tonight. Don't get me wrong, I still think they'll lose but they'll at least put up a good fight. Plus, I'm not sold on these George Karl Nuggets yet either. Denver 97, Knicks 94. I hope to God the Celtics get the Bulls in the East Finals and the Sonics in the Finals. Those are the only two teams they can dominate. Bulls are good, Nets were a fluke on the road. They beat the Lakers, Warriors and Jazz, big deal. Bulls 94, Nets 88. GLTA

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (2-0), Week: (2-0)
  • DALLAS [18-12-1] -3 over Miami [16-14-2]
  • NEW JERSEY [13-15] -2.5 over Chicago [17-15]

The Dallas line seems a bit low, should be about 5, but regardless, I'm taking them. Miami hasn't been playing great lately and have been mediocre against the West. I like New Jersey a lot, even as much as the Bulls have impressed me, and I entirely disagree that they're "a fluke" as Anthony said--that team is playing great basketball right now. Jason Kidd and Vinsanity look like top 10 players and I think we're about to see them take over the Atlantic--mark my words. I was tempted to grab the Blazers in light of the Rudy T situation in LA, but then I remembered Mo Cheeks is having issues as well. Utah I also like, but with Emeka out, I'm terrified that we're going to see the "Ewing Theory" play out this evening. Good luck...


At 2:47 AM, Blogger Nat said...

Wow.. Paul was on point with his two picks.. suck for you tho Anthony had too much faith in those knicks. they look like they are running in auto pilot with no passion to win. Being from Toronto... i can say seeing Vince play like this aint a fluke (too bad he gave up on my team).. its for real when he wants to.. the nets are for real right now.. imagine how potent they would be with RJ in the lineup too. As for your third pick on charlotte.. was a good call i thought with Emeka out but i guess charlotte is on a tear winning 2 of their last 3 lol :) ... out for now talk to you guys tomorrow

At 8:51 AM, Blogger Anthony Peretore said...

Yeah, Knicks are atrocious, just stay away from that team. Maybe the Baby Bulls are coming back down to earth in finally playing some good competition. Good. I really don't like anyone on that team except Hinrich and Gordon. And why is Janero Pargo launching awful shots in the 4th quarter for them. I didn't understand Skiles substitution patterns at all. Oh well. As for the Jazz, it made me question how good of a coach Jerry Sloan is. Fine, he made Utah respectable last season, but that team had nothing to lose. Their opponents never showed up and the Jazz surprised them. This season, they have talent and Sloan just can't put it together. He's never won anything in his life and never will. Yes I'm bitter.


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