Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Tuesday's NBA Picks

February 8, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks

Last Night: (0-1), Week: (0-1)

  • CLEVELAND -8 over Toronto
  • Boston +1.5 over MILWAUKEE
  • Phoenix -3 over SACRAMENTO
  • SEATTLE -14 over New Orleans

I'm expecting the Raptors to start to fall off a little bit when their youth catches up to them. Also, the Cavs are excellent at home and I see them hitting a nice stride heading into All-Star Weekend. Cleveland 105, Toronto 94. CELTS BABY!!! Winners of three in a row, make it four. They are hitting their stride and will not let this crappy Bucks team take them. Boston 103, Milwaukee 97. Webber, Cut, and Predrag all came back the other night, but don't expect them to be back to normal just yet. Suns will take care of them. Phoenix 112, Sactown 103. And finally, being named to the All-Star team today, both Ray Allen and Shard will have great games tonight. No Lee Nailon for N.O. either, who have all ready dropped five straight. Look for my boy Reggie Evans to rip another 15 boards tonight. Sonics 106, Hornets 89. GLTA

Paul's Picks

Last Night: (0-2), Week: (0-2)

  • MILWAUKEE -1.5 over Boston
  • MEMPHIS -4.5 over Minnesota
  • San Antonio -9 over CHARLOTTE
  • Phoenix -3 over SACRAMENTO

Paul's mackin a cccchhhhhick tonight, so I had to make all of this possible. Quick story: some $%^&*&$#$%$##%% of a cop pulled me over this morning for going 65 in a 55!!!! Are you kidding me?????? And now I have to take a driver's retraining course. Sweet life. This is Ant by the way. I'm out


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