Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Tuesday's NBA Picks

February 22, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


  • ORLANDO -2.5 over Indiana
  • DETROIT -10 over New York
  • Seattle +3 over HOUSTON
  • Boston +3 over LAKERS

Hey guys, I'm really sorry I haven't been around much lately, I've been dealing with some family issues. But I'm back for the long haul and hopefully going to do better on my picks. I say anyone who's interested in making picks for the rest of the season email us and let us know you're in. Also, make your picks tonight and just post them on the message board. I can have the Picks Challenge Standings up by tomorrow. Let me know. On to the picks...

Orlando has beaten Indy twice already this year and without Tinsley the Pacers just stink. Magic 99, Pacers 95. New York stinks and those few wins in the last week before the break were all crap. Milwaukee w/o Redd, Charlotte on a buzzer-beater, c'mon. Pistons 97, Knicks 84. Sura's out tonight I read and I think the Sonics are due for a win after losing their last two. Sonics 104, Rockets 98. Finally, my Celts are in LA to start their stretch run and with all the trade rumors surrounding the Lakers, I'm going with the C's. Boston 105, Lakers 101. GLTA


  • CHARLOTTE [13-18-3] +2 over Milwaukee [23-10-1]
  • DETROIT [21-12-1] -10.5 over New York [23-12-1]
  • Miami [17-15-2] -3.5 over CHICAGO [19-16]
  • HOUSTON [14-19-3] -3 over Seattle [19-13]
  • LAKERS [13-15-2] -3.5 over Boston [17-17-1]

I guess we're restarting the standings since Anthony's in last place. Ever notice how whenever he's doing bad, he pulls out the, "Alright, guys. Sorry about my picks lately. I just haven't been concentrating hard enough and putting in enough though into my picks." Caaaaaaahmon, Anthony! To his credit, he has been dealing with a lot of shit this past week, and may be ready to set forth on a Vince Carteresque turnaround. Regardless, the picks standings aren't going anywhere--not as long as I'm in a battle for first. On to the picks...

Charlotte will come out of the break playing hard and have Okafor back, I like them to win. Detroit has been demolishing everyone at home and the Knicks are terrible. Miami has beaten the Bulls handily twice--just too good and strong for the Baby Bulls. Houston has been great and a little rest probably did this team well, I like them tonight. And since Anthony (surprise!) picked his Celtics, the Lakers were just a no-brainer. G'luck...


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