Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Wednesday's NBA Picks

February 9, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (2-2), Week: (2-3)

  • PHILADELPHIA -2 over Memphis
  • WASHINGTON +2 over San Antonio
  • TORONTO -5 over Milwaukee
  • Denver +3 over MINNESOTA
  • New Orleans +12 over PORTLAND

Five games tonight and I feel pretty good about all of them. There is absolutely no reason to think Philly can take Memphis tonight. No AI, plus the Grizz just smoked Minny last night. But, those are the games that are locks. 76ers 98, Grizzlies 93. I love the Wizards tonight. That Ewing Theory (best player out team still wins) usually only works for one game. Plus Manu hurt his hand (poor baby). Wizards 96, Spurs 91. Milwaukee dominated Boston last night and crappy teams rarely play well after a blow out win. Plus people will take the Bucks because of the whole Alston thing. Palacio isn't bad though. Raptors 103, Bucks 94. I'm going against Minny until they show me some sign that they are getting along and actually like playing basketball. T'Wolves 99, Nugs 98. Finally, the Hornets are looking awful and the Blazers seem to be waking up (aka, perfect setup game). Portland 95, Hornets 90. GLTA


Last Night: (3-1), Week: (3-3)

  • TORONTO [15-14-1] -5 over Milwaukee [23-9-1]
  • Charlotte [12-17-3] +12 over INDIANA [19-10-2]
  • HOUSTON [13-19-3] -6 over Chicago [18-15]

I agree with Anthony about Toronto entirely--look for the Raps to bounce back at home against the Bucks, who played out of their minds last night. Charlotte has been awful as of late, a team that has played hard all season. I really think Bickerstaff will get a strong effort from his club tonight, and the Pacers haven't won by double-digits in almost a month. Chicago had a huge win last night, maybe their biggest of the season, I think we could see a let-down tonight. Good luck.....


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