Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Wednesday's NBA Picks

February 23, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (1-3), Week: (1-3)
  • Miami +4 over INDIANA
  • WASHINGTON -3 over Memphis
  • NEW ORLEANS +6.5 over Seattle--LOCK
  • Boston +5.5 over DENVER
  • Dallas -5 over UTAH
  • GOLDEN STATE -8 over Atlanta

I had these picks up at 5pm but bloggers a piece of crap. I didn't change anything, I swear. Notice how Miami and Wash are losing now, so there's no reason for me to lie. Peace


Last Night: (1-4), Week: (1-4)

  • INDIANA [20-10-2] -4 over Miami [17-16-2]--LOCK
  • DENVER [16-20] -5.5 over Boston [18-17-1]
  • PHOENIX [20-18-2] -9.5 over Clippers [15-18]
  • Lakers [14-15-2] +4.5 over PORTLAND [16-18]

Karma--1-4 last night, that's what I get for talking smack on Anthony. Oh, well. Shaq is out, and Miami had their Ewing Theory heartfelt effort last night in Chicago--playing their hearts out until eventually succumbing to the Bulls on OT. Unfortunately Indiana is about to go on a roll and will have no problem disposing the Heat. Boston played hard last night before playing another terrible 4th quarter--I'm guessing they'll be sucking wind in Denver tonight and suffer a similar fate. Clippers have Rick Brunson at point guard--'nough said. And I'm going to stick with the Lakers, who really looked good last night. Back in the preseason I guessed that they'd finish with the 4 or 5 seed because Kobe and Odom would wreak of MJ and Jordan--last night they sure as hell did and I think this could be the start of something for the team. Good luck tonight...


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