Friday, March 04, 2005

Friday's NBA Picks

March 4, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (0-0-1), Week: (5-4-1)

  • BOSTON -9.5 over Charlotte
  • Utah -1 over NEW ORLEANS
  • Toronto +5.5 over MEMPHIS
  • SAN ANTONIO -11 over Chicago
  • SEATTLE -2 over Detroit

Ant's ditching me for Kelly Kapowski this weekend, so I hope his picks hurt worse than the time Kelly broke up with Zach for her pretty-boy boss Jeff.

Sorry Paul


Last Night: (Forgot), Week: (4-3)

  • PHILADELPHIA [24-12-1] -3.5 over Cleveland [18-17-1]
  • BOSTON [19-18-1] -10 over Charlotte [13-20-3]
  • Sacramento [16-15-2] +5.5 over MIAMI [17-18-2]
  • Utah [17-22] -2 over NEW ORLEANS [17-13-1]
  • Toronto [15-18-1] +5.5 over MEMPHIS [15-22]
  • Indiana [21-12-2] +5.5 over PORTLAND [19-18]
  • Dallas [21-14-1] -2.5 over LAKERS [17-15-2]

I'm still not sure how Cleveland is getting treated like royalty on these lines. This team is not playing well at all and I think 2 days of practice for Webber will allow him be more comfortable and have a solid game for the Sixers tonight. The Celts are feeding off of Antoine's positive energy right now and with a monster crowd on a Friday night (yes, even against Charlotte-- people don't realize how excited they are in Boston right now), expect the Celts to dispose of Charlotte rather quickly. I'm still pretty high on the Kings and that line is high enough for me to grab them even if I'm not sure they can win the game. Utah is starting to play better as of late and should be able to handle the Hornets. Toronto is playing spirited basketball right now as Sam Mitchell has this team believing they can make the playoffs and with the roster set for the year and no off-court distractions, I think the Raps will keep this up in Memphis tonight. Indiana may have lost Jermaine O'Neal for a little while, but Portland is in worse shape right now. Kevin Pritchard wasn't even as assistant coach with the team and he's vowed to play the younger guys simply because that is what management is forcing him to do. It will be an ugly game in Portland tonight, but it should be rather close. I'd be hard-pressed to take the Lakers over pretty much anyone right now and with the way Dallas has played on the road, I'm taking them. I need a better parting line...hmm...break a leg (?)...


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