Friday, March 18, 2005

Friday's Picks

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March 18, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (Drunk), Week: (6-4)

  • Knicks -3 over ATLANTA
  • Philadelphia +7.5 over CLEVELAND
  • NEW JERSEY -6 over Utah
  • New Orleans +7.5 over CHICAGO
  • Boston +6.5 over HOUSTON

Top 10 Things I hate right now:

1) LSU and New Mexico for absolutely killing any chances I had of winning my office pool. Thanks for showing up guys.

2) Jose Canseco.

3) A-holes with cheesy mustaches in college basketball. What's the point?

4) Drinking til 2 a.m then having a meeting at 8:30 with my boss and telling him I understand things when I'm not even sure I'm technically alive.

5) New Mexico who's down 34-11 at the half. Paul and I could score 11 on 'Nova in a half.

6) Old people driving. Once someone hits 75, that's it. I mean really, these people have absolutely no judgement and if they do it takes 3 minutes to kick in. When I'm going 80 on the highway I don't have 3 minutes to wait for Gertrude slamming on her breaks cuz she forgot to take her pill. DAMMIT!!!

7) Beautiful girls driving alongside you that don't look over when you're practically spraining your neck to gawk at them. Just look over and smile, PLEASE!!!

8) Crappy pizza places that offer like two larges for 10 bucks and me falling for it thinking the pie could actually be good. Shit I said pie, I'm officially getting old.

9) Friends from college that wake up at 2 pm and get to do things that I can't do at work while I'm at work writing this crap pissed off.

10) That it's 4:20 right now and I missed the entire UConn game even though I'm doing absolutely nothing. I mean if my boss had half a heart he would have let me go. Thanks buddy.

I'm no gonna bother writing anymore.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (NBA 1-0, NCAA 3-2), Week: (NBA 8-2, NCAA 3-2)

  • MINNESOTA [16-19] +3 over Memphis [18-25]
  • MILWAUKEE [26-12-1] -4.5 over Washington [12-19-3
  • Clippers [18-21] +5.5 over DENVER [17-22]
  • Golden State [18-21-2] +11 over PHOENIX [21-23-2]
  • SEATTLE [22-16] -9 over Orlando [26-11-1]
  • Old Dominion +7.5 over Michigan St.
  • Stanford +2 over Mississippi St.
  • Southern Illinois -2.5 over St. Mary's
  • Northern Iowa +7 over Wisconsin

That LSU pick hurt big last night, damn! Minnesota has looked better as of late, winning 5 of 8 with the 3 losses being against Miami, San Antone, and Dallas which are teams that essentially just overmatched them. A beat-up Memphis team that has been surviving off a cupcake schedule should be a game that the Wolves can handle. Washington isn't a very good road team and certainly isn't as good with only 2 of their 3 big-tymers out there (Jamison's out), so I'm sticking with the Bucks who seem to take care of business at home. The Clippers have been battling lately and I'm going with my gut on this one and taking them. Golden State by the way is my new favorite team, I'm not even kidding. An article is coming on my Warriors, so I won't delve into the topic too much right here. They match up very well with the Suns and should be able to cover an 11-point spread. I've noticed a trend in teams coming right off of coaching changes (see Memphis, Lakers, Blazers, Nuggets with Cooper) and struggling immensely, so it might be wise to bet against the Magic for a little while.

I picked ODU to clip Michigan St. in every pool, so obviously I'd bank on them to cover a +7.5 spread. I'd also take Stanford to beat Mississippi St-- a tale of two teams have contrasting season: Miss. St who underachieved, Stanford who overachieved. I always like the overachievers who are playing with far less pressure on them- plus the SEC has been exposed big time. I screwed up on LSU, so I'm hoping Southern Illinois can carry the load for my sleeper picks. And even though I'm not big on Northern Iowa, I think they can cover a 7 point spread against a crappy road team that plays as slow as Wisconsin.


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