Monday, March 07, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

March 7, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (1-2), Last Week: (8-11-1)
  • CHICAGO -6 over Milwaukee
  • DENVER -8 over Portland
  • CLIPPERS -2 over Memphis

Three seems like a lot of games early in the week, but if you look at my trends, I tend to do better earlier in the week. So, here goes. Milwaukee beat Chitown the other night and I see the Bulls bouncing back big time tonight after three straight losses. Bulls 98, Bucks 86. I'm not sure why this Den-Por line is so small, especially with Randolph out. Seeems really shady, but I have to take the Nugs. Denver 104, Portland 93. Finally, the only place the Clips tend to win is at home when you think they have no shot, e.g. Dallas last week. Look for a close one tonight. Clips 95, Grizzlies 91. GLTA


Last Night (1-4), Last Week: (8-12)

  • Milwaukee +6 over CHICAGO
  • Toronto +5 over DALLAS
  • CLIPPERS -2 over Memphis

Paul's in Vermont for a few days doing some X-games crap. That means I'll have to make all his picks for him. Can't wait...


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