Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday's Picks

March 14, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (?)
  • New Orleans +12 over SAN ANTONIO
  • GOLDEN STATE +3.5 over Houston

I'll have an article up either tonight or tomorrow. Sorry for such a delay, blame my bosses.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (Whoops!)

  • Boston [20-20-1] -3 over CHARLOTTE [14-21-3]
  • MEMPHIS [16-25] -9 over Portland [20-19]
  • Houston [15-23-3] -3.5 over GOLDEN STATE [17-20-2]

I'm glad we've gotten great response on the NBA Lookalikes article that's been up for a few days. I just hope you guys keep coming back and take notice of how sweet our blog is. We put in an absurd amount of work and both take pride in living and breathing NBA basketball. We'll have an article up everyday beginning tomorrow for the rest of the week and hope to continue this trend of an article a day M-F throughout the rest of the season. You're all invited and strongly encouraged to bookmark us and come back for your daily NBA fill through our extensive commentary, outrageous humor, and intelligent insight. On to the picks...

The Boston/Charlotte game is one I'd typically ignore because it just seems like almost too easy of a pick. Boston hasn't left TD North Fork Center (or whatever the hell its called) since February and Charlotte gives EVERYONE a game at home, but Boston simply has too much firepower right now and most importantly, has learned how to close at games--something Bobby's Cats still can't do. Look for the Celts to slug out a 5 point victory. Linesmakers are BEGGING people to take Portland tonight, they as well as I know that win against the Grizz was a total fluke the other night. 9 points is an awfully high spread considering the Blaze won by 14 just 2 nights ago AND might be without both their point guards. Fratello doesn't screw around though, expect Memphis to put away Portland early and win by 20 or so. Houston is rolling on all cylinders and playing with tremendous confidence right now. They didn't blink an eye in putting away Sac Town yesterday, and while a let-down game could be a possibility, I just don't think Golden State plays the kind of defense necessary to slow down a hot-shooting team. Good luck tonight...


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