Saturday, March 05, 2005

Saturday's NBA Picks

March 5, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (2-3), Week: (7-7-1)

  • Washington -4.5 over CHARLOTTE
  • Chicago +3.5 over MILWAUKEE

Just a few picks tonight. These lines seem kind of fishy to me. Both roadies are far superior to the home teams. Washington will bounce back strong after their surprising defeat to Golden State last night. Wizards 107, Bobcats 98. Chicago played San Antone strong last night and will carry their play over and spank the Bucks. Bulls 103, Bucks 92. GLTA


Last Night: (3-4), Week: (7-7)

  • CLIPPERS -3 over Denver

I'm slow today, but at least I have an excuse (burp). I love the Clips at home and think they should be able to take down the playoff-bound Nuggets tonight. By the way, anyone hear Halle Berry last night say that Caron Butler was her kind of man because he could cry on camera? I would make a joke here about crying on camera, but it's already been played out. Anyway, GO CARON!!


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