Saturday, March 19, 2005

Saturday's NBA Picks

March 19, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (5-0), Week: (11-4)

  • Sacramento +2.5 over CLIPPERS
  • Utah +7.5 over WASHINGTON

Nice night last night, that will never happen again. Celtics played another brilliant game last night in downing the Rockets and they should handle the Hornets tonight as well, but that game just scares me. Sactown lost to a good GS team the other night and they won't drop two in a row. SAC 104, LAC 97. This Utah game is just a gut feeling, nothing more. Washington's without Jamison and maybe Kwame again. Utah stinks but they have to show up at least once a week. WAS 95, UTH 91. GLTA


Last Night: (NBA 2-3, NCAA 2-2), Week: (NBA 10-5, NCAA 5-4)

  • PORTLAND -1 over Orlando
  • Sacramento +2.5 over Clippers
  • Wake Forest -9 over West Virginia
  • Cincinnati +3 over Kentucky

Hakim Warrick can thank us for the NBA Source Jinx. I actually had Duke in my other pool, but unfortunately I had Kansas in that one too-- so, basically I'm totally screwed. Whatever. Quickly-- Portland and Orlando are both in disarray, no Stevie Franchise so I'll grab the Blazers at home. Sac owns Clippers, have won 7 in a row and will make it 8. Wake is too athletic and talented for West Virginia to stay close for too long. And Cincy will continue the trend of mild upsets today as they take down the Wildcats...


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