Sunday, March 20, 2005

Sunday's NBA Picks

March 20, 2005

Home Team in CAPS


Last Night: (2-0), Week: (13-4)
  • Golden State +4 over SACRAMENTO
  • San Antonio +1 over DETROIT
  • LAKERS +2 over Seattle

I'm gonna keep riding GS until they show some sort of letdown. This team is fired up and Sac just played an O.T game last night. GS 103, Sac 95. I'm taking the Spurs because this is a statement game. Detroit is an up and down team right now and it seems like the Spurs always seem to take care of these big games. SAS 93, DET 90. Finally, the Lakers have been a morbid team lately and I'm just taking them with my gut. LAL 102, SEA 99. GLTA

PS-R.I.P UConn, who played an absolutely terrible game. I've never seen an entire team and coaching staff fall apart like they did today. Josh Boone and Rudy Gay are lottery picks? That's a joke right? Those guys are two of the most timid players in all of college basketball. Gay needs to drive to the rim and stop relying on his j which to tell you the truth, is pretty gross. Williams is still immature and all of a sudden thinks he's a scoring PG. This Connecticut program is in trouble for a while. Great news huh?


Last Night: (NBA 1-1, NCAA 0-2), Week: (NBA 11-6, NCAA 5-6)

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