Thursday, March 17, 2005

Thursday's Picks

March 17, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (3-2), Week: (6-4)

Be wary- Ant will probably be sloshed by the time he puts his picks up.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (3-0), Week: (7-2)
  • GOLDEN STATE [17-21-2] -2 over Sacramento [17-17-2]
  • West Virginia -1 over Creighton
  • Nevada +1.5 over Texas
  • LSU -3.5 over UAB
  • Utah St. +5.5 over Arizona
  • Winthrop +14 over Gonzaga

Sorry if you don't like the green font- just thought I'd do something lame to commemerate St. Patty's Day since I can't celebrate the approriate way (I'd kill for a pint of Guinness right now). That GS/Sac line is a bit misleading-- GS had been on the road for awhile up until last game in which they played a red-hot Houston team very tough. Linesmakers are banking that betters will forget this and assume the team is struggling. I'd go with GS on this one.

I'm also going to try my luck with some tourney games. West Virginia if you'll remember got off to a hot start this season after feasting on mid-majors, then stumbled during the first half of the Big East season due to their lack of talent, and pulled together late in the season thanks to some sharpshooting and a very underrated coach John Beilen. I think they pull this one out over the Blue Jays of Creighton. Texas is without 2 starters and has a freshman point guard-- I can't remember the last time a team who's best player was a frosh PG did anything in the tourney-- take tourney-tested Nevada. LSU is a team to keep an eye on-- they played great in the second half of the season, have a star in Brandon Bass, and aren't getting as many points as they should because a lot of people are taking UAB based on last season's run. I can see them making a deep run--possibly as far as the Elite 8. That Utah St./'Zona line is shocking-- Utah St. only got in because they won their conference tourney and Zona is the kind of team that can drop 90 against anyone. The line suggests that the Aggies will control the tempo and given that everyone is taking Arizona, I'm going to stick with Vegas and take Utah St. Hell, I have them winning anyways. And Winthrop is a very underrated team who supposedly is athletic enough to run with Gonzaga in what should be an entertaining game. Once again everyone is banking on the Zags, so I'm siding with Vegas once again. Good luck tonight...


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