Tuesday, April 26, 2005

King of Krap

I'm sorry...I know we're supposed to respect this guy because he's hit countless big shots and has served as one of the greatest shooters to ever play the game. But all I will remember him for is his array of flops and leg-kicks most evident last night in Boston. What's even more disappointing is that the refs are with him every step of the way. The Celtics should have held on last night, but it's pretty difficult when you get called for a shooting foul after getting kicked in the shins. Why hasn't Kendrik Perkins decked this guy yet? (Let Anthony speak for himself. As a non-Celtics fan, I had a ton of appreciation for what Reggie did last night. At 39 years old, he uses every little bit of experience he has to give himself an advantage. And as for the star treatment from the refs, what makes him any different from Paul Pierce? Reggie just knows how to work that advantage better than anyone-- Paul).


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