Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

April 18, 2005

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Anthony's Picks

Last Week: (5-6-1, then I bailed on you all, sorry)

  • Indiana -6.5 over ORLANDO
  • Milwaukee +10 over PHILADELPHIA
  • NEW ORLEANS +4 over Minnesota
  • MEMPHIS +4 over San Antonio
  • HOUSTON -9.5 over Clippers

Last week of the regular season, wow the season flew by huh? Tonight it's easy to go with every team in need of a win, but we all know Vegas is a lot smarter than that. However, Vegas also wants people to put up their money for the Playoffs, so they may give everyone a bit of a break in these last three days. Yes, it's crazy I think so deeply into these things, but it's not as crazy as blowing all my money this season like some of you probably have (I've already learned my lesson) Orlando is dreadful and Indy needs a win to hold off Philly for the 6 seed and Boston rather than fall to 7 and face Detroit. IND 104, ORL 91. I just don't see Philly playing exceptional bball tonight after getting smoked last night at the Meadowlands. PHI 98, MIL 94. If any of the T'Wolves don't implode tonight or kill some or all of the Hornets I'd be shocked. NO 96, MIN 87. Next, there's absolutely no reason NOT to take San Antone tonight and that's exactly why I didn't (you can call me an idiot tomorrow, or maybe not...). MEM 93, SAS 91. Finally, I love Houston to continue their 4 (5 Ant) game winning streak tonight against the Clips. They absolutely smoked the Nugs the other night, which I didn't think even Dream Team 1 could do. HOU 105, LAC 93. GLTA

PS-Sorry about last week, I was in Philly from Fri-Sun (whip sound)...

Paul's Picks

Last Week: (10-12-1)

  • PHILADELPHIA -9 over Milwaukee
  • Clippers +9.5 over HOUSTON
  • UTAH +7 over Sacramento

Philly had a very off game last night and unlike Anthony, I think they'll come out firing tonight and crush the lowly Bucks. The Clippers might be facing a soaring Rockets team, but they're still playing hard and can use some momentum heading into the post-season. I think they cover by a few tonight. Sac Town has never faired well in Utah, and after two terrible games for the Jazz, I expect a better effort tonight. GL

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