Friday, April 22, 2005

Saturday's NBA Picks

April 23, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Note: We'll be making picks on every single playoff game and for good reason-- we have combined to pick 68.26% of playoff games correctly over the last three years (I made that up) including the last 9 NBA Champions (Made that up, too). No but seriously, we have done vastly better in the post-season and are each guaranteeing 60% accuracy on our picks. If either of us fails, we'll be posting nudie picks of our kid sisters. No joke.

Anthony's Picks:

Let the playoffs begin:

  • DETROIT -9 over Philadelphia
  • DALLAS -5 over Houston
  • BOSTON -3 over Indiana
  • Sacramento +3.5 over SEATTLE

-Philly STINKS!!!!! C-Webb is killing that team and will continue to do so on Saturday. Now Paul my think Sheed's injury may hamper them in Game 1, but McDyess will step up and take care of the one-legged Webber. I just like the Pistons to absolutely dominate every game, except possibly Game 3. DET 97, PHI 83

-Dallas big over Houston, with Dirk going for 40 in Game 1. I just don't think Houston can keep up with Big D's depth. I mean Ryan Bowen?? Come on man, sounds like I kid that would get dominated in intramurals. DAL 108, HOU 94.

-I'm a bit biased with the C's, but the TD Banknorth Garden will be rockin' tomorrow night. Reggie is done man, and thanks to Bill Simmons I found out he shot under 40% for the month of April while every expert road his you know what. Jermaine is more of a liability than an asset right now and you can bet cho bottom dollar Kendrick Perkins is going straight for that shoulder in the second quarter. BOS 105, IND 98.

-Finally, I like the way Sactwon DESTROYED Phoenix the other night even know the scrub factor was in full effect. They'll be confident and the Sonics haven't had playoff experience in years. I actually think the Kings will win tomorrow, despite having Seattle taking the series. SAC 109, SEA 106.


Paul's Picks:

Bring it on, baby!:

  • Philadelphia +9 over DETROIT
  • DALLAS -5 over Houston
  • BOSTON -3 over Indiana
  • SEATTLE -3.5 over Sacramento

-The Philly/Detroit line has been locked in at 9 since the matchup was settled and heads are picking the teams at an even rate. That should tell you that either Vegas is going to nail the line, or nobody really is sure what's going to happen. I'm banking on AI coming out with an inspired Game 1 effort and keeping the game somewhat close. Pistons 92, Sixers 85 (and yes, I'll be buying Ant's score predictions throughout the playoffs).

-Ant and I both agree that Dallas is going to roll right over Houston. Houston won't get pummeled in each of the opening two games in Dallas, but they will in at least one. I'm gunning that it's the first game. Dallas is hungry and I believe will be ready to put their stamp on this series from the get-go. And besides, when have T-Mac and Yao ever been ready to win a big game? These guys don't yet know what it takes. Perhaps they will by game two.

-There's not a doubt in my mind that Indiana and Boston will split the first two games in Boston. The question is...which games will each win? I'm banking on Boston, surely well-rested after Doc sat his big guns the last two games, to ride a raucous Fleet Center crowd tomorrow night en route to victory. If I'm wrong, well, take Boston in a must-win situation in game two-- no matter the line.

-The Kings/Sonics line is rising and people are still taking the teams at an equal rate, even with word that Peja may be unavailable Saturday. That suggest that Vegas wants people to take the Kings, especially if this line gets up to 4.5/5, which is a possibility. Another factor to consider-- Nate McMillan vs Rick Adelman, each with ample preparation time. Yeah, I'm going with Nate Dogg and the Sonics, too.


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