Saturday, April 30, 2005

Saturday's NBA Picks

April 30, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (1-2), Playoffs: (8-13-1)

  • WASHINGTON -6 over Chicago
  • Dallas +2.5 over HOUSTON
  • Boston +4.5 over INDIANA--LOCK
  • DENVER +1.5 over San Antonio

--Washington returning home will be a huge boost for them. They were 29-12 this season at the MCI Center and should whip the Bulls into shape being down 0-2. Look for Gilbert Arenas and Antawn Jamison to have big games and good shooting nights. WAS 103, CHI 94.

--I think Dallas will maintain this momentum and make the road teams in this series 4-0. I love how they stormed back in the 4th quarter on Thursday but the key tonight will be Josh Howard. JoHo fouled out in just 17 minutes in Game 3 and needs to have a nice defensive effort against T-Mac. DAL 96, HOU 93.

--Well we all know my biasness (is that a word?) towards the C's, but I just feel they need a spark tonight and missing Walker will provide that Ewing Theory effect. AW will be on the sidelines firing up his mates and the Celts should grab Game 4 by the slimest of margins. BOS 91, IND 89

--Finally, this is obviously the toughest call of the night, but Denver returning home, who only lost 1 at the Pepsi Center under GK, should be a tough team to stop. I expect Nene to be the deciding factor and to play Tim Duncan extremely physical. DEN 99, SAS 96. GLTA

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (1-2), Playoffs: (8-13-1)

  • WASHINGTON -6 over Chicago*
  • HOUSTON -3 over Dallas
  • INDIANA -4.5 over Boston
  • San Antonio -1.5 over DENVER

-Ugh. We're really sucking. Just for the record, I've been doing decently in games I'd actually play if I were a betting man and awful in games that I'd never touch. Not sure what that counts for. But I'm going to put a * next to the games I feel good about from now on.

-New teams in the Playoffs are now 8-0 at home, 1-5 on the road. I'm sticking with this trend and taking the Wizards regardless of how high that line is. Chicago has been outstanding thus far, but I think we'll see them slip up this afternoon at the MCI Center as the Wiz control the game from the get-go. Wizards 105, Bulls 95.

-Hard to figure what's going to happen with the Houston/Dallas game. The Rockets have been the better team in the series all but 8 minutes and will probably come out firing after that crushing loss in Game 3. I think the home team will hold serve in this series the rest of the way out beginning with tonight. Rockets 107, Mavericks 101.

-Sorry Ant, 'Toine ain't no Ewing to the Celtics. Regardless, I still have no idea what to expect in this game. On paper, Jermaine should dominate the Celts' defensively inept frontline. I think Al Jefferson could be the key tonight-- it's integral that he make Jermaine work defensively. I'm mainly taking Indiana because of Rick Carlisle. He's going into tonight's game knowing he has a major advantage being at home and going up against a Walker-less Celtics-- nobody is as good at exposing opponents' weaknesses than Carlisle. The Pacers will be very physical tonight and keep riding Reggie. Not sure the Celtics will have an answer. Pacers 85, Celtics 79.

-And yes, I am taking all of the favorites tonight. I'm not backing off any of my picks simply because of this. Another tough call with Denver/San Antone. This game is more important to the Nuggets than the Spurs, but they're going to have their hands full putting a stop to the momentum the Spurs have gained from Game 2. Duncan looks very healthy and the Spurs should be well prepared for an up-and-down battle with 2 full days rest and a deep bench. Should be a dandy. Spurs 111, Nuggets 108. GL


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