Saturday, April 23, 2005

Sunday's NBA Picks

April 24, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

* Games still to be determined

Anthony's Picks:

Saturday: (2-2*), Playoffs: (2-2*)

  • New Jersey +8.5 over MIAMI
  • Washington +4 over CHICAGO
  • Denver +8.5 over SAN ANTONIO
  • PHOENIX -9 over Memphis

Sorry, I know these are late as hell, but this is what I really had...I mean the NJ game is proof in itself. GLTA

Paul's Picks:

Saturday: (2-2*), Playoffs: (2-2*)

  • MIAMI -8.5 over New Jersey
  • Washington +4 over CHICAGO
  • SAN ANTONIO -7.5 over Denver
  • PHOENIX -9 over Memphis

-I'm a little torn on the Miami/Jersey game and wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole if I were a betting man. After watching today's afternoon game, where the 76ers came out firing before Detroit got their act together and basically blew away Philly (who actually played pretty well), I'm thinking something similar might happen tomorrow in Miami. The Heat absolutely obliterated the Nets every time they went head to head this season, and though I don't think that's how the series will play out, I do think the Heat will fend off a stellar Nets first half and win by double digits. Shaq will play tomorrow and will be ready to shut people up who are suddenly doubting the Heat. Miami 101, New Jersey 90.

-People are taking the Bulls at a much higher rate than the Wiz, yet the line hasn't moved a bit. Vegas wants the line to sit still, they are encouraging people to take the Bulls. I'm going with the Wiz in this game with that in mind. Game One's are tough- it's difficult to expect what's going to happen between two teams that haven't been in the playoffs since the Yinka Dare (God bless his soul) glory days. The 4 point spread is also enough to push me over the edge. Washington 92, Chicago 89.

-Healthy Duncan or not, I'm gunning on the Spurs laying the smack down in game one. This is one team that cannot afford to lose the opener and Popovich knows this. The Spurs have never taken anyone lately, so don't expect them to come out lame tomorrow night. Spurs 107, Nuggets 92.

-Hard not to like Phoenix tomorrow night. The Grizz have been a total mess lately as Fratello is still struggling to settle on a rotation that makes the most of his talent. I trust that D'Antoni ensures his team comes out like they would on any night and that should result in an early lead and an eventual blowout. This is probably the safest bet of the night. Suns 118, Grizzlies 102. GL


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