Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Tuesday's Picks

April 5, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Sunday: (4-1), Week: (15-4-1)
  • New Jersey +5 over CLEVELAND
  • New Orleans -3 over ATLANTA
  • MIAMI -9 over Chicago
  • Denver +2.5 over MEMPHIS
  • SACRAMENTO -4.5 over Seattle

The dirty Jerz is only 1.5 back of the idle Sixers for the 8th spot in the East. If you think they're gonna let the hapless Cavs beat them, you're nuts. NJ 95, CLE 92. New Orleans really isn;t a bad team and Atlanta has just down right given up on their season. This one should be close, but I like the Hornets 99-94. This Miami-Chicago line seems a bit high since the Bulls are still on their ridiculous winning streak, but it has to end sometime. Without Curry in the middle, the Bulls are doomed. MIA 105, CHI 92. memphis is on a two-game winning streak but beat the gawd awful Lakers and Bucks. The Nugs should provide them with a wake-up call tonight, 104-97. Finally, Seattle is hurting pretty badly without 'Shard and Radmon and Sactown is coming off an embaressing loss at home to Minny. Add that shiz up and you have yourself a 104-93 Kings victory. GLTA and I hope someone is benefiting from my hot streak. PEACE

Paul's Picks:

Sunday: (1-1), Week: (11-7-2)

  • Clippers -2 over CHARLOTTE
  • New Jersey +5 over CLEVELAND
  • New Orleans -3 over ATLANTA
  • GOLDEN STATE -2 over Houston

Clippers have done a good job of covering when they're supposed to win all season long (19-7 as favorites) and I think with Maggette and Brand playing well, they'll just be too tough for the Bobcats. New Jersey NEEDS this game and the Cavs have shown me little faith in big games (with the exception of Sunday's fluke win over Dallas). Even if the Nets come up short, I think they'll battle hard in this one and cover the spread. Atlanta has to win one more game, right? Wrong. Al Harrington is likely out again tonight and when he doesn't play well, let alone play at all, the Hawks have virtually no chance. The Warriors have been simply awesome as of late and I think they'll be going after Houston hard tonight in an attempt to avenge a tough home loss to the Rockets a couple weeks ago. Good Luck Tonight.


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