Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Wednesday's NBA Picks

April 20, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (4-0), Week: (7-2)
  • BOSTON +5.5 over New Jersey
  • TORONTO +4.5 over Cleveland
  • Detroit -4.5 over CHARLOTTE
  • Chicago +8.5 over INDIANA
  • GOLDEN STATE -12 over Utah
Last night...GLTA.

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (1-2), Week: (3-3)

  • New Jersey -5 over BOSTON
  • TORONTO +4.5 over Cleveland
  • Detroit -4.5 over CHARLOTTE
  • Miami -1.5 over ORLANDO
  • Atlanta +11.5 over PHILADELPHIA
  • NEW YORK -1.5 over Washington
  • Chicago +8.5 over INDIANA
  • MINNESOTA -2 over San Antonio
  • Dallas +3 over MEMPHIS
  • NEW ORLEANS +2.5 over Clippers
  • Seattle +9.5 over HOUSTON
  • Lakers +3 over PORTLAND
  • Phoenix +1 over SACRAMENTO
  • Utah +12 over GOLDEN STATE

Picking every game tonight--I mean why not? This is it, and let's be serious...there's no way to really know what the hell is going to happen. Here's my theory-- Atlanta and Toronto are playing for something. This is a playoff to them as a spoiler, they'll keep it close. Ok quickly down the line--Detroit doesn't want to lose, so they won't. Dwyane Wade wants to go out on a high note, he'll lead the Heat. Knicks will win at home against a Wizards team sure to be resting its stars. KG won't lose his last game of a trying season. Dallas has owned Memphis all season long and will win tonight. I'll go with New Orleans at home. Seattle should cover as they try to get on track. Kobe Bryant wants to win tonight. Phoenix, too. Jerry Sloan will cover that line on the last night. Whatever. GL


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