Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Wednesday's Playoff Picks/Analysis

April 27, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (2-1), Playoffs: (6-7)

  • Denver +8.5 over SAN ANTONIO
  • Washington +4 over CHICAGO
  • PHOENIX -8 over Memphis
Paul's an idiot so these didn't get up til 8:30...screw analysis

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (1-2), Playoffs: (5-8)

  • SAN ANTONIO -8.5 over Denver
  • Washington +3 over CHICAGO
  • Memphis +8 over PHOENIX

Playoff Analysis

*Last Night's Games*

-PHI/DET: So last night AI and CWebb had lackluster games and we got to see what happened-- the Sixers got hammered once again. Pistons are just doing their thing right now, turning it up when they have to. Last night they used a Rasheed technical foul to get them going in the 3rd and in turn, blew the game wide open. I'm going to keep sticking with the Pistons the rest of the way out, but again, look for AI to key a miraculous Sixer win.

-NJ/MIA: If Alonzo Mourning plays like this throughout the Playoffs, watch out everyone. Zo was dominant last night (21 Pts, 9 rebs in 16 Mins) and the best part, the Heat only had to use the Diesel 26 minutes. Nenad Krstic was terrific for the Nets (27 Pts, 8 Rebs)-- on the offensive end, but has no business containing Shaq or Zo on the defensive side. It's unfortunate for the Nets, but this series is just a total mismatch for them. They came into the Playoffs looking so sharp and now they have just run right into a brick wall. I don't think the Nets are going to win a game. Vince Carter needs to get his act together because last night his head wasn't even into the game. There's no excuse for jawing with Keyon Dooling, the Heat's backup point guard, for the better part of the first half. Frank has to get Carter 100% focused, like he was in the last month of the season. Otherwise, the brooms will be at Continental on Sunday.

-SAC/SEA: And so goes my first lock of the Playoffs! Way to show up, Sacto! Seattle looked great last night to their credit, on both ends of the floor. If Jerome James can continue to play like this (huge, HUGE "if"), Seattle could be more than roadkill after the first round. The Kings on the other hand, are already looking like roadkill. When you're down 11 at halftime on the road in a series you're already losing, how could you possibly play as terrible a 3rd Quarter as they did last night? I mean what the hell were they doing in the locker room? Smoking fertilizer? This team is supposed to be experienced and know when they need to turn it on. Game 3 is huge for them. There's no doubt the raucous Arco crowd will be at their backs, so the Kings need to ride that energy and jump out the gate to a commanding win. The Kings right now appear to be lacking confidence. A decisive Game 3 win should give them some...I'm just not sure that's in the cards.

*Tonight's Games*

-DEN/SA: It took an 0 of 17 shooting performance to close the game for Denver to win, and though Denver's defense was excellent, I mean c'mon, some of the shots the Spurs were missing were gimmes. I still like the Nuggets to make this a series, but there's no way they win tonight. Not with the Spurs' backs against the wall, not with Denver knowing they can afford to lose tonight. Also keep in mind that the Nuggets have lost 11 straight Game 2's on the road since 1985. And that the Spurs lost Game 1 in Round 1 at home two years ago to the upstart Suns before winning a Championship. The Spurs will be more focused tonight, and 100% or not, there's not a better guy to have on your side than Tim Duncan when your team needs a win. I like San Antone to win easy tonight. SA 101, DEN 90.

-WAS/CHI: Washington nearly overcame super-human performances from Ben Gordon and Andres Nocioni, and a painful game from Gil Arenas to win Game 1. Chicago really had to work for their baskets on Sunday and had an exceptional night shooting the ball while the Wiz had a lot of open looks that they just blew. Arenas will bounce back big tonight and the Wizards will overcome a late Chicago rally to hold off the Bulls. WAS 99, CHI 95.

-MEM/PHX: I decided to take Memphis once I saw that the public has been jumping all over Phoenix at -8 and the line hasn't moved at all. With my luck thus far, I'll ride Vegas for at least one game. Memphis actually played a decent game on Sunday for the most part and should make some adjustment's for tonight's game that will help them take a step closer to beating Phoenix. I still don't know if that will be quite enough, but I do think the Grizz can make a game out of tonight's matchup. PHX 109, MEM 103.


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