Monday, May 02, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

May 2, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (1-2-1), Playoffs: (12-16-2)

  • Chicago +6 over WASHINGTON
  • DALLAS -4.5 over Houston
  • DENVER +3 over San Antonio

--Not to make excuses, but last week was hectic as hell and I really did not get to focus on my picks. Yesterday I made my picks over the phone while in a Nike outlet store. That's like a 17 year-old boy taking his SATs in a porn shop. Anyway, I guarentee better results this week.

--Of the three teams who have come home to win Game 3's, all three of them went on to lose Game 4 (Indy, Philly, and Sacramento). I don't see that trend changing at all tonight. Well, the Wiz may win, but they sure as hell aren't covering 6. Look for Ben Gordon to have a monster night. WAS 104, CHI 102, O.T.

--This may be too easy of a pick but Houston is definately going to be depleted after Sat night's disaster. I was watching Game 3 in a restaurant and had the waitress change it to the Celts/Pacers since the Rockets were up 8 with just over 5 to play. After that Yao alley-oop I thought it was done. All this talk about Jeff Van Gundy totally out-coaching Avery Johnson and T-Mac reaching God-like levels, well I tell all those people to shut up. Experts judge teams far too quickly based on just two games. This is the NBA--anything can happen. I like the Mavs in a romp tonight...DAL 109, HOU 92.

--Finally, I'm going to stick with my gut and go with the Nugs tonight. Manu "Anthony hate your guts" Ginobili will certainly not pull 32 out of his ass again. And Tim "I'm 100% according to Paul" Duncan, (only averaging 17.7 PPG on 40% shooting from the field) is going to get abused underneath the hoop once again. The Nuggets have to continue to be physical, wera down TD and hold Manu to under 20 and they should head back to Texas tied at 2. DEN 93, SAS 88. GLTA

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (2-1-1), Playoffs: (12-16-2)

  • Chicago +6 over WASHINGTON*
  • Houston +4.5 over DALLAS
  • San Antonio -2.5 over DENVER

-Anthony, always with the excuses, AND taking a couple shots at me. Don't take out your NBA TV frustrations on me buddy.

-I agree with my holmes 100% about Chicago tonight, especially after watching Seattle essentially finish off Sacto last night. I picked these two series as ones where I wasn't sure the road teams were going to win a game. That theory rung true up until Jesus Shuttlesworth showed up for the second half at Arco last night. My God. Did anyone else watch that game? It was especially pleasing for me because I sat there watching the game knowing full well it was the best game Ray, one of my favorites, has ever played. Anyways, McMillan and Skiles are two coaches who are excellent at making adjustments and once Nate Dogg got his team to rebound the ball better and to just outrun the Kings (who played terrible defense) rather than to try and control the tempo, the game was over. I expect Skiles to make big adjustments tonight, mainly focusing on keeping Washington's big men from scoring and just allowing the Wiz's big three to take all the shots. Chicago has to rebound if they're going to win this game-- they allowed way too many second chance points last game. Look for a healthier Tyson Chandler to step up and have a big game tonight. BULLS 103, WIZARDS 100.

-I've been wrong every single game in the Houston/Dallas series thus far, so don't take my word tonight. It's hard not to like the road team after what's happened this series, especially when considering the line is high enough that the Rockets can still cover without winning. Perhaps going back on the road will add a sense of urgency for the Rockets who seemed just a little too comfortable at home during crunch time of the last two games. I can't picture a repeat performance from Jason Terry (32 points in Game 4), so if the Mavericks are going to win, somebody else is going to have to provide that extra scoring punch to go along with Dirk. The difference in the game? T-Mac. I firmly believe he's on a mission right now and I'm excited about watching it. I think he lifts the Rockets late a la Game 1. ROCKETS 99, MAVERICKS 98.

-My gut is telling us that San Antonio will win tonight's game and for better or worse, I've learned in the Tim Duncan era that my gut always tells me the Spurs are going to win. They just know how to win big games unlike anyone else and with tonight's game being enormous for the Nuggies, I can't see Denver pulling out a must-win against a team so rich in big-game experience. The Spurs have already taken the Nuggets out of their full-court game, which is what made them into the second half demon that they were this season. So in order for Denver to keep the game close, they will have to remain extremely physical. It should be close, but you have to like San Antonio in that situation. SPURS 90, NUGGETS 87.

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