Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday's NBA Picks

May 9, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Yesterday: (1-1), Playoffs: (16-26-3)

  • DETROIT -8.5 over Indiana
  • Dallas +6.5 over PHOENIX

--No I'm not picking against Paul just for the hell of it, I really feel strongly about these games tonight. I expect the Wallace boys to completely eliminate Jermaine O'Neal as a factor in this series. The only reason JO had any success against Boston is because they are one of the worst low post defensive units in the universe. No Jermaine means a boat load of 3's from Miller, Jackson and Tinsley and that means a ton of fast-break points for the Pistons. DET 98, IND 79.

--In this other game I'm just feeling the Mavs tonight. They absolutely smoked the Rockets the other night when many experts chose the Rockets to squeak that one out. That Game 7 will provide this team with plenty of momentum to at least cover the 6.5. Plus Vegas purposely set this line low after both home teams covered easily in yesterday's contests. PHX 104, DAL 100

Oh yeah and someone tell Paul to stop starring (*) his games...

Paul's Picks:

Yesterday: (0-2), Playoffs: (18-24-3)

  • Indiana +8.5 over DETROIT*
  • PHOENIX -6.5 over Dallas*

Boy, do I EVER feel stupid for switching my San Antonio pick last night...

-Yes, Detroit comes in well-rested tonight. And yes, they are at home where the crowd will be totally fired up. Regardless, I think Indy plays tough tonight. These teams both play great defense and are very similar on offense, and considering that each side will gunning hard after the other, I just can't see an uneven game in what's become the league's biggest rivalry. It might be an ugly game, but you're still going to watch it. DETROIT 86, INDIANA 81

-We saw the Wizards come up lame in the second half yesterday afternoon and the Sonics not even show up at all. Dallas is coming off of an even more physically trying series after battling Dallas to the death. Phoenix meanwhile is well-rested at home and not about to be jolted at America West, not the way they play and not with Mike D'Antoni and Steve Nash leading the way. Phoenix's style is to be aggressive for 48 minutes, so if you're expecting them to come out flat tonight, you're in for a surprise. I do believe Dallas will steal one of two in Phoenix, but I would be shocked if that win comes tonight. PHOENIX 112, DALLAS 102


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