Sunday, May 01, 2005

Sunday's Picks

May 1, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (3-1), Playoffs: (11-14-1)
  • Detroit -5 over PHILADELPHIA
  • NEW JERSEY +4.5 over MIAMI
  • Phoenix -4.5 over MEMPHIS--LOCK
  • SACRAMENTO -5 over Seattle

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (2-2), Playoffs: (10-15-1)
  • Detroit -5 over PHILADELPHIA*
  • Miami -4.5 over NEW JERSEY
  • Phoenix -4.5 over MEMPHIS*
  • SACRAMENTO -5 over Seattle

Taking all the favorites again today. Philly played a perfect game on Friday to beat Detroit-- can't see them repeating that performance against the defending Champs. DETROIT 99, PHILADELPHIA 91. Memphis has to be deflated after taking a major step backwards last game against the Suns. I'm not sure a team with such little playoff experience will be able to pull together and find the attitude and heart it takes to win a game dow 3-0. PHOENIX 109, MEMPHIS 99. The other two games I'm not quite as sure about-- New Jersey played a terrific game Friday until to lose a heartbreaker in double overtime. Despite being down 3-0, Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson are fierce competitors and won't let up this afternoon. Regardless, the Heat should still prove too much for the overmatched Nets. MIAMI 95, NEW JERSEY 89. And finally, I definitely like Sac Town to win at home again. That said, I know it's a bit dicey to bank on all the favorites to cover. Seattle could definitely cover that spread, and if it was slightly higher, I probably would have taken them. But I'm going to stick with the favored Kings and hope I nail 3 out of 4 today. SACRAMENTO 105, SEATTLE 97.


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