Thursday, May 05, 2005

Thursday's NBA Picks

May 5, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (1-1), Playoffs: (14-21-3)
  • Boston +4.5 over INDIANA
  • Dallas +4.5 over HOUSTON

Sorry my picks are up so late, it's just that I was training a new secretary at work, so I kept her late. I had to give her a little "hands-on" training, if ya know what I mean. By the way, Paul is brilliant, so I'm taking the same teams he is tonight. GLTA

Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (0-2), Playoffs: (15-20-3)

  • Boston +4.5 over INDIANA
  • Dallas +4.5 over HOUSTON

-I'm still struggling, but I have missed a number of BS games (i.e. last night's DEN/SA games). Nevertheless, I still vow to hit 60% by the time the Playoffs are over.

-Ya know what? I don't think anyone has the slightest idea as to what's going to happen in tonight's Pacers/Celtics game at Conseco. So far tempo has dictated each game-- if the Celts got off and running early, they have blown away the Pacers. If the Pacers jumped out to an early lead, they have been able to control how the game was played out. This actually isn't a bad game to play by half. Whichever team is winning at halftime, will probably hold on in the second half. I'm taking the Celtics tonight-- simply because of the points. This is a series that should have been over by now, but Boston has goofed off. I'm putting some faith into Pierce tonight, which may be a tall order seeing as I have no faith in Rivers, Walker, and Payton. But I'm thinking he should be able to take the Cs down to the wire. PACERS 88, CELTICS 86

-I'm also taking the points in the Dallas/Houston game since home court has proved to mean very little. Ever since Avery Johnson has been going small more, Dallas has looked like the better team. I'm terrified to death of T-Mac however, and just can't see him letting his team go down like this. If you're sure Houston is going to win, I would take them with the points. However, this series has also left me guessing, so I'm going to ride the points. ROCKETS 105, MAVERICKS 102


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