Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday's NBA Picks

May 3, 2005

Home Team in CAPS

Anthony's Picks:

Last Night: (0-3), Playoffs: (12-19-2)

  • BOSTON -5 over Indiana
  • DETROIT -10 over Philadelphia
  • Sacramento +5 over SEATTLE

--I'm on the verge of throwing in the towel here, but I'll give it another go tonight...

--I'm a Celtics fan. I hope they win tonight. I expect them to win tonight. I expect them to win handily tonight. Thus, I expect them to cover tonight. End of story. BOS 103, IND 93.

--Philly's done. You really think AI will show up tonight? He doesn't care. He's got a pound of weed waiting for him in Philly as soon as he gets back on the 10:30 flight out of Detroit. DET 107, PHI 80.

--Finally, my gut is telling me to take the Kings. I'm not sure why, but I can see this series going back to Sactown. Seattle isn't experienced enough to nail the door shut tonight. SAC 101, SEA 99


Paul's Picks:

Last Night: (2-1), Playoffs: (14-17-2)
  • Indiana +5 over BOSTON*
  • DETROIT -10 over Philadelphia
  • SEATTLE -5.5 over Sacramento*

-The Boston/Indiana series has been anything but predictable thus far. 3 blowouts and a horribly played nail-biter? Who knows what to expect tonight besides Boston booing the living hell out of Reggie Miller, Antoine Walker firing up numerous bricks (over/under at 6), and more bad officiating?! CELTICS 86, PACERS 82

-Sack of weed or not, I don't think Allen Iverson has ever not shown up for a big game. Nevertheless, the Pistons are back at the Palace where they've already destroyed Philly twice. Sixers gave the Pistons about as much as anyone could have expected them to. So long Sixers, you'll be gone fishin' by halftime! PISTONS 101, 76ers 85

-The Kings' confidence was single-handedly shattered by Ray Allen in Game 4 as Sacramento fans got their annual dose of playoff humiliation. Interestingly enough, that series went from seemingly being a lock to go 7 to now being a longshot to go longer than 5. No sympathy from me-- not if you can't contain JEROME FREAKING JAMES! SONICS 111, KINGS 104

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