Wednesday, June 22, 2005

NBA-Players Union Agreement

On Tuesday, the National Basketball Association and the Players Union agreed to a six-year pact, saving the league from a dreaded lockout. Here are the key parameters of the deal:
  • Players will be guaranteed 57% of league revenues, the first guarantee of this kind in league history. The players have brought in this same percentage over the past two seasons, but again, without any guaranteed.

  • The salary cap will be increased from 48% to 51% of the NBA's revenues. All cap exceptions remain unchanged.

  • The maximum length of player contracts will be reduced by one year (7 to 6 for a team's own players, 6 to 5 for others).

  • Players will be subject to random drug testing (4 per season), and the penalties for using performance-enhancing drugs will be increased.

  • To be eligible for the NBA Draft, players must now be 1) 19 years of age by the end of the calendar year and, 2) out of high school for one year. Foreign players must abide by only rule 1.

  • Players will now be allowed to have an arbitrator review commissioner suspensions for on-court misconduct of more than 12 games.

  • Players in their first two seasons in the league may be placed on teams in the NBA Development League.

Reference: NY Times (6/22/05)


At 9:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Instead of Age testing, they should force applicants shorter than 7'0" to making a jumper with a hand in their face from outside 10 feet. All guards should likewise be forced to prove that they can consistently hit midrange jumpers.
The downside of this deal is that we miss all the soldier comments and poverty speak by NBA players.

At 2:47 AM, Blogger Nat said...

hey anthony.. i guess i finally got a chance to do a piece you guys hadn't done already. i threw in a bit of my analysis of what i think of some of the new issues agreed on. check it out on my blog if you get a chance. i was hoping to see more linkage with the nbdl to start settin up a stronger minor league system though but it guess its going to take time


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