Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sunday's Finals Pick

June 19, 2005

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Anthony's Pick:

Game 4: LOSS
  • DETROIT -3.5 over San Antonio

I think Duncan's ankles may be catching up to him now that he's going up against real defenders. He was guarded by Kenyon Martin, Nene, Reggie Evans, Jerome James and Amare in the first three rounds. Aside from Nene, those are all below average defenders. With Big Ben controlling the paint in the last two games, TD needs to have a big game to give his team confidence he can lead them to glory. While I can see him going for say, 24 and 12, I don't think Detroit will allow both Duncan and Manu to go off. That will translate to a 3-2 series lead for the defending champs. PISTONS 93, SPURS 86.

Paul's Pick:

Game 4: LOSS
  • DETROIT -3.5 over San Antonio

After a highly successful Conference Final round for me, I've fallen to 1-3 in the Finals, but allow me to redeem myself this evening. Not only that, but I've predicted that the last two games would be close-- yikes. Well tonight I guarantee a good game, the one we've all been waiting for. The Spurs were too confident in Game 4, thinking like many of us that Game 3 was merely a fluke and they could just go out and play their game and assume that the Pistons would not be able to bring it like they did the game before. Pop will ensure his team comes out swinging tonight and won't allow Detroit's intensity to overwhelm them for a 3rd game in a row. But the Pistons are walking in the clouds right now-- Big Ben has his swagger back, Billups is doing whatever he wants, Rasheed is screaming out "Fuck yeahs!" instead of "Fuck yous!"-- I just can't see the Spurs overcoming the gigantic hill that's in front of them. Duncan will bounce back strong tonight and the Spurs will be much more aggressive defensively, but the Pistons know they can not and will not lose tonight's game. PISTONS 87, SPURS 83


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Thanks guys. please pick the pistons again.


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