Thursday, July 28, 2005

Chad Ford Thursday Chat Wrap

For those of you without access to ESPN Insider, I thought I'd present to you all of the topics discussed by Chad Ford today in his weekly chat. He answered some interesting questions regarding Larry Brown, free agency, and what to expect in the coming weeks. Chad also mentioned that teams should be able to sign free agents beginning on Monday. Feel free to start debates as you feel necessary.

Could Marbury be packing his bags?


--Ford thinks the Knicks will make some roster changes now that Brown is on board. He doesn't think Larry will like either Marbury or Crawford at the 1 and suggested one of them being traded and the other being pushed over to the 2.

--He thinks Brown will like Nate Robinson, Malik Rose, David Lee, and possibly Jerome Williams. Chad suggests that Tim Thomas may be traded again since Brown already got rid of him once.

--"Knicks will probably win 8-10 more games"


--Ford mentioned they are on the list of teams including the Suns, Spurs, and Bulls that are looking forward to Michael Finley being let go.

--Both the Pistons and the Hawks have denied a Darko for Al Harrington deal that was rumored this week.

Celts new PG?


--In Ford's eyes Antoine Walker will not re-sign with the team. He mentions a possibly Toine for Radmanovic swap with Seattle. Also, the Heat are very interested but don't have many assets to deal back to Boston.

--When asked who will be the Celtics' starting point guard next season, Chad responded: "Here's a name to keep in mind: the Grizzlies' Jason Williams." He discussed a JWill for Blount swap that would not work under the new CBA, but a Williams/L. Wright for Blount/LaFrentz/Banks deal certainly would (that's my proposal which does work under the CBA).


--Clippers not interested in sending Marko Jaric over for Drew Gooden. Ford thinks they'd consider the deal if Luke Jackson was thrown in.


--Thinks the Bulls will definately match any offer to Chandler, but if that deal turns out to be at a high price then they may let Curry walk. Basically it all depends on how much they'll have to pay in order to keep both.

--Jay Williams thinks he'll be ready by training camp, but word is that the Bulls aren't interested.


--Ford thinks the Warriors will make the playoffs this season taking the place of either Memphis or Seattle. That is, if Baron Davis stays healthy.

BD: Golden State Playoff hopes on his back


--Chad discussed how the Lakers are saving their money for the summer of 2007. Said how Phil Jackson and Larry Brown have huge tasks ahead of them to make the playoffs with these financial constraints.


--He thinks there's a possibility of Gary Payton returning to Seattle, calling it "great for Payton, the Sonics, and the city of Seattle."


--Ford put them in the same class as Detroit, Indiana, and Miami as the elite teams in the East. Thinks Rod Thorn had the best summer thus far.


--Chad thinks GM Billy King did what he had to do this summer in re-signing Dalembert, Korver, and Green. He thinks they will be a playoff team and likes the mixtures of veterans and youth that will be playing under new coach Mo Cheeks.

Iguodala and the Sixers in the Playoffs?

Finally, Ford's top 5 teams heading into 2005-06

1. Spurs

2. Pacers

3. Pistons

4. Suns

5. Nets


At 9:51 PM, Blogger YaoButtaMing said...

How on earth do you have the Nets ahead of the Rockets, Mavs, Nuggets, and the HEAT!!??
Why are people all of a sudden jumping on the Nets banwagon. I'd be shocked if the nets even make the 6th position in the east?

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Paul Benedict said...

If when you say "you", you're referring to Chad Ford, I doubt he's going to come to this site and read your comments. But don't worry "Butta", we'll be sure to relay the message to Ford.


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