Thursday, July 21, 2005

Flip Flop

Thanks for the job Larry

Just 24 hours after the buyout of former coach Larry Brown, the Detroit Pistons showed no remorse on Wednesday, locking up former Minnesota lead man Flip Saunders. The deal is worth $20 million over four years and the pressure to lead a team that has reached the Finals in each of the last two seasons begins immediately. Brown, in the mean time, said he will take his time in deciding his next coaching destination. He briefly spoke to Isiah Thomas and the Knicks on Wednesday and it is believed that New York would offer a deal in the 5-year $60 million range. Keep your ear to the ground in the coming weeks...


At 10:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i do not believe flip saunders will be as good a coach. actually i don't think any active coach besides maybe pop would be a good fit to this squad, so that's harsh to say.

reason being because after one season of doing great, flip got straight clowned the next year(04-05 season) with the exact same squad!! come on now dude..... that kinda shows that 03-04 season was a tad flukish

At 12:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The biggest question with flip is his ability to discipline the pistons. The major complaint against him last year was that he could not control spreewell and cassell.
the question to ask is whether detroit can swing a deal for some backcourt help. flip needs an old player to help control sheed and ben.

At 6:28 PM, Blogger Paul Benedict said...

I think you guys are a bit hard on Flip-- the T-Wolves problems last season can only slightly be attributed to him. It's true...he's no disciplinarian, but since when is Larry Brown? I'm not even sure Pop could cope with a team that featured such nitwits as Hudson, Cassell, Spree, Wally Z, and Ohnoitskandi. The fact that McHale wanted to bring back Flip this summer to coach the Wolves again should tell you something. He's not a disciplinarian, but he's solid with his Xs and Os, he's absolutely adored by his players (save the pricks), and is committed to staying in Detroit as long as they'll have him. Davidson and Dumars were concerned that even if they brought LB back next season, he could have bailed on them at any time. A team firmly entrenched in contender status needs some certainty-- Saunders was the best bet considering this was a high priority. And they don't have to worry about Saunders drawing attention to himself and away from the team. It wasn't an A plus hiring, but I think the Pistons made thr right move.


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