Thursday, July 07, 2005

Sonic BOOM!!

In the first real upset of the off-season, Nate McMillan has spurned the Sonics' offer of a reported 4 years, $16 million in order to blaze a new trail in Portland at the tune of a supposed 5 year, $30 million deal. Us non-millionaires may scoff at Nate's surprising departure, but let's look at the situation as though it applies to us- your employer has been dicking you around about a new contract for well over a year after you have provided them with 16 years (which is equivalent to 32 in NBA-terms) of nothing but dedication, loyalty, and expertise. Even when you performed miracles this year with an average staff, he still didn't recognize your efforts and ensure that you kept working there. Then another employer comes to you offering a contract that will not only guarantee you another year's salary (which is a lot in your shaky industry), but will also pay you 50% more per year than what you were previously making. On top of it, you're emotionally drained from the heat you've had to take from your cheap, dickheaded, coffee-drinking boss and you realize that the team offering you this new job is your former employer's arch-rival. To think that Nate McMillan was even considering staying in Seattle, that just tells you how loyal he is to the Sonics organization-- the fact that he left tells you how bad it really was.


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