Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Stone Cold Steve

Much to Atlanta Hawks GM Billy Knight's dismay, a Superior Court judge today denied members of the Hawks ownership group from removing Steve Belkin as managing partner after Belkin refused to approve the team's sign-and-trade deal with Phoenix that would land them Joe Johnson at the tune of $70 million over 5 years. What a dick this guy is, huh (big-ups to Knight for blowing off Belkin's hand shake by the way)? It now looks as though the Johnson deal is dead and Atlanta may have to look elsewhere to acquire the big name player that the majority of the owners have been so desperate to bring aboard. Can things get any worse in Atlanta? I honestly agree that the Hawks were giving up too much to sign a 2nd or even 3rd tier star like Johnson (Boris Diaw, 2 likely high 1st round picks, and $14 million/year), but that's the price you sometimes have to pay in order to get out of the gutter and attract some legitimate talent. Now the team is stuck with a slew of money that they may be tempted to throw at Eddy Curry, but I'm guessing Belkin will again refuse to sign any papers for what would certainly be an even riskier move. Who the hell does this guy want? Othella Harrington? Anthony Carter? Ben Handlogten?


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