Thursday, September 08, 2005

Breakdown: Potential BOS-DEN Trade

Nene in green?

A quick NBA Source look at how the potential Paul Pierce for Andre Miller and Nene deal would affect both teams.

Boston Celtics

Why it works

It is no secret that Danny Ainge has taken pride in his youth movement over the past three seasons. However, as I have stated before, one problem that has arisen from this transition is the pile-up of talent that now exists at the 2/3 position: Pierce, Ricky Davis, Tony Allen, Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, Justin Reed, and Delonte West (looking more like a 2 now). While I can think of countless other problems that would be worse for Boston to have, one has to wonder how Pierce must feel in this situation. Take this example. Say you’re in middle school and you somehow get locked up with one of the most popular girls (storied franchises) in your grade. At first you’re a bit timid but then you start to get comfortable and show her you’re the right guy for the team, err, her. Then you start getting a little lazy, no more love notes between periods or brownies from lunch, and she begins to notice but doesn’t say much to you. Then a new influx of talent, um, guys, come in once you reach high school and you start hearing rumors. You start to wonder if your team (girlfriend) is consulting (flirting) with other teams (guys) behind your back. You hear countless rumors but at the end of the day she assures you nothing is going on. Except that she unexpectedly landed one of the best-looking and smartest guys as her partner in science lab (Gerald Green). Once she tells you this info, on top of all the other gossip, let’s just assume you would have reached your boiling point. You see where I’m going with this? Slowly but surely Ainge, whether he likes it or not, has transformed “The Truth” into a jealous, raving, lunatic that basically has to be traded (dumped) at this point. So blame it on the media or blame it on Ainge, but one has to severely doubt the passion Paul Pierce will bring to the 2005-06 Celtics after getting burned behind his back so many times this summer.

Why it does not work

A lineup of Miller, Allen, Davis, Al Jefferson and Nene seems like a tangible group, one perhaps even strong enough to get Boston back into the postseason. The problem is who would be their go-to guy? Miller proved last season against the Spurs that he doesn’t have the stones to lead his team to glory and Davis is just too erratic to be considered a consistent scoring threat. While the depth of the Celtics would greatly improve, one has to ask how long they would be willing to wait for say a Jefferson or Green to develop as Pierce’s replacement. Can the organization really afford to keep their fans waiting another three seasons to be a legit Finals contender?

Denver Nuggets

Why it works

With the eventual signing of Earl Watson days away, Denver seemingly has Miller’s heir apparent already lined up. One could argue that with Miller, Watson, and Earl Boykins the Nuggets have too much depth at the 1, thus making Andre an expendable commodity. Couple Watson, an inferior passer, but far better defender than Miller, with Boykins, a dynamic scoring punch off the bench, and I cannot see George Karl and co. even missing a beat. Looking at it this way, we can almost analyze this deal like a straight up Pierce for Nene swap, which unless you have on Bea Arthur’s reading glasses, has to be considered a no-brainer. A starting 5 of Watson, Pierce, Carmelo, Kenyon Martin, and Marcus Camby would potentially make up the best core group in the league. With Francisco Elson proving to be a more than capable backup to Camby, and Eduardo Najera providing a mean streak off the bench for Martin, Denver should manage just fine without Nene. So this basically equates to Denver giving up very little to gain an All-Star talent and thus contend with the Spurs, Suns, Kings, and Rockets for the West crown.

Why it does not work

One potential disaster: the clashing of ‘Melo and Paul’s egos. Both of these guys have a proven desire to soak up the limelight and with both of them having to agree to share this, it could create quite a few gray hairs on whatever is left on Karl’s glossy dome. However, given the coaching savvy Karl displayed in the second half of last season, one has to think that his players have the utmost respect for him and will work to get along no matter the circumstances.

In the end perhaps this is just another chat room or website rumor, but nevertheless it has created quite a stir in the NBA world. Paul and I will do our very best to keep you updated with information pertaining to this trade as it comes to our attention. Everyone wish Paul a Happy Birthday!


At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Joe said...

Its a good trade, especially for the Nuggets. I'm guessing this trade will go down because it works for both teams.

With the signing of Watson the Nuggets could (and should) trade Andre Miller. In fact, I think Watson is a helluva lot better than Miller. Nuggets need a SG and altough Nene is a backup for the unhealthy Camby he wants more PT and they dont need him so much. Karl has already showed that he can easily work with Melo. I dont think he will have any problem with PP. Its more of a problem getting PP and Melo working together on court. Both players are scorers, but I think it will work. The West gets better and the East gets worse.

Happy birthday Paul.

At 1:57 AM, Blogger Nat said...

this trade seems like it will help both teams. but i think it favors the nuggets a little which may become evident quickly if peirce and melo gel.

happy birthday paul!!!


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